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Companies in the haulage and transport industries are desperately trying to find enough drivers to fill open seats. However, so are other companies not primarily engaged in transport and haulage. Take Wolseley UK, for example. The company employs over 100 drivers to deliver the construction materials and supplies it provides. They have just as much a need to hire and retain the top talent as any company in the haulage or transport industries. They are taking a proactive approach, having recently announced the establishment of two brand-new LGV training programmes.

According to Builders Merchants News, the first training programme is aimed at hiring new workers who will eventually drive company trucks or work in the warehouse. It is a paid apprenticeship programme requiring one year to complete. Once training is complete, students will graduate with a Level II apprenticeship, forklift, and driver CPC certificates, and a C+E licence enabling them to drive company LGVs.

The second training programme is designed for the company’s existing 123 LGV drivers. The programme trains drivers under the Framework of Excellence, a scheme that improves driver safety and performance by helping drivers achieve a higher standard. Each driver will be awarded a certificate of completion at the conclusion of training.

The two LGV training programmes established by Wolseley demonstrate the company’s commitment to its drivers. It also serves as an illustration of the length to which companies will go to fill their empty seats. There is no doubt that the current driver shortage across the UK makes this a driver’s market. Becoming a professional driver certainly would not be a bad choice for young people looking to establish a career.

LGV Training Requirements

One way to become an established LGV driver is to go through an apprenticeship programme similar to that which Wolseley is offering. Nevertheless, there is also another way: attending classes provided by a company like ours in preparation for taking the LGV test. The HGV Training Centre offers classes at more than 45 facilities. Furthermore, we can have you trained and ready to take your test in a matter of weeks.

In order to begin training, you need only meet a few requirements:

The HGV Training Centre also offers classes for theory test preparation. The theory test is a two-part, 100-question exam that tests your knowledge of road safety and hazard avoidance. Our students pass this test the first time at a rate of 92%.

The industry is in desperate need of LGV drivers due to the improving economy and a large number of veteran drivers now nearing retirement. If you have ever considered being a professional driver, now is the time to get started. Contact the HGV Training Centre today for more details about our HGV, PCV, and LGV training classes.


Builders Merchants News – http://www.buildersmerchantsnews.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/10379/Wolseley_UK_starts_LGV_apprenticeship_scheme.html


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