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As a leading provider of corporate driver training in the UK, the HGV Training Centre has opportunities to work with companies of all sizes and scopes. One week we may train a group of drivers employed by a major haulage firm looking to meet CPC requirements while the next week we are working with van drivers on industry best practices. It has been our experience that corporate driver training is a useful tool that can help improve company performance, safety, and vehicle care. A case in point is training that includes addressing tyre inflation.

Tyre inflation plays a crucial role in the overall life of van and truck tyres. In addition, there are safety concerns to think about. Tyres getting near the end of acceptable tread depth dictate vehicles need more stopping distance in good weather; add a bit of precipitation to the equation and those tyres can become dangerous.

We have found that we make drivers safer and more productive by teaching them the basics of tyre inflation and tread depth. When drivers know how to identify tyre condition at a glance, they are more likely to bring problems to the attention of their fleet managers for early correction. When they understand the importance of doing so, they become safer and more productive.

The Need for Tyre Management Policies

A recent investigative report by Commercial Fleet reveals that tyre management policies are nearly universal among operators of HGVs and PCVs. The same cannot be said of van operators. Commercial Fleet spoke with representatives of the Freight Transport Association, who told them that nearly one-third of all van operators have no official tyre management policies in place.

Failing to develop and implement such policies certainly reduces overall tyre life proportionally. This can easily be seen just in the area of inflation. Overinflated tyres experience a shorter life due to excessive wear on the centre of the tread while underinflated tyres tend to wear more quickly on the edges. The simple act of checking and maintaining proper tyre inflation saves money by extending tyre life.

More Than Just Tyres

The example of tyre inflation suggests there are plenty of other things haulage and transport companies can do to improve performance, extend equipment life, and maintain maximum safety. We can address these kinds of things on a company-by-company basis in our corporate driver training.

The HGV Training Centre is a licenced and approved provider of Driver CPC training in the UK. As such, we have broad latitude in developing training programmes for your company that will both meet your needs and comply with the CPC mandate. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our corporate driver training programmes.

We also train individual drivers looking to earn an HGV or PCV licence before going to work. Our training includes all of the classes drivers need complete with testing opportunities. We can have you trained and ready to begin looking for work in weeks.


Commercial Fleet – https://www.commercialfleet.org/fleet-management/safety/into-the-groove-tyre-management-made-easy


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