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When the news outlets first began reporting on CPC driver-training back in 2012, there was quite a bit of speculation about whether or not current HGV and PCV drivers would absorb the cost of training or simply retire or move to a different career path. There was some concern that the additional financial burden on drivers would make the driver shortage in the UK worse. Those concerns may be proving true.

A number of companies have recently reported having trouble recruiting new drivers in the lead up to the busiest time of the year for transport companies. Among the challenges, they say, are the added costs of CPC driver training. New drivers are just not entering the industry because they believe they cannot afford it.

For the record, most new drivers pay for their own training before they begin seeking work. CPC driver training is included for all new drivers as part of their programme. However, existing drivers must be retrained and certified every five years, often at their own expense. Throw in the added cost of insurance and it becomes clear that the financial burden to just enter the industry could be substantial.

Prior to the CPC requirement, the cost associated with becoming a professional driver was seen as being manageable. Nevertheless, the additional expense of CPC driver training has pushed the financial requirements over the limit for many who would have otherwise become professional drivers. Even if the training and certification is only required every five years, just the perception of adding several thousand pounds to a driver’s training costs is enough to dissuade some from becoming professional drivers.

One of the solutions that are now being proposed is one of government subsidies to offset the cost of training and purchasing insurance. So far, the proposal has fallen on deaf ears where the Government is concerned, but persistence may change that. In the meantime, there is no denying the fact that drivers are desperately needed. If companies are unable to fill their empty seats, they will fall behind heading into the holiday season. That means higher consumer prices and fewer choices.

Train with Us

The HGV Training Centre offers affordable driver training in more than 45 facilities around the UK. As we mentioned earlier, CPC driver training is part of the programme we offer to all new students; it is not something you will have to pay extra for. Your CPC training and certification is good until the end of the fifth year after you receive it. Sometime during the fifth year, you will need to undergo remedial training and recertification in order to continue driving legally.

Having said all that, a career as a professional driver offers you good pay and exceptional stability. As long as you are a hard worker and safe driver, you should have no trouble finding and keeping a job. Drivers are desperately needed right now. Start training today and you could be working before the year is out.


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