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The CPC training requirements first introduced for discussion in Europe more than a decade ago are now the law of the land. Here in the UK, both HGV and PCV drivers had deadlines of 2014 and 2013 respectively to earn their certificates under the regulations. From this point forward, professional drivers must undergo at least 35 hours of CPC training once every five years to continue driving professionally. The good news is that training can be enhanced by new modules that both meet the requirements and provide additional qualifications.

For example, Commercial Fleet recently reported on two modules being offered for the first time in the UK. One is a first aid module while the other deals with the manual handling of cargo. Completing the first aid module will certify a driver to provide emergency first aid during situations that might arise at work.

It should be noted that not every training company offers the same kind of training. There are minimum standards that must be met in terms of designing modules, but training companies have some latitude to provide additional modules that are not included in the government’s required minimums. As long as those modules meet specific criteria, these can be used toward the driver’s required 35 hours.

Track Your Training

As a current HGV or PCV driver, you should already be in possession of a CPC certificate. Anytime between now and the expiration of your certificate you can begin accumulating the training hours necessary for eventual renewal. The GOV.UK website provides a handy tool enabling drivers to track their CPC driver training so that they always know how many hours they have accumulated. They also offer a list of approved training courses from which drivers can choose.

The HGV Training Centre offers CPC driver training for both individuals and company teams. Our driver training meets all of the requirements mandated by the regulations for certification every five years. We would be happy to discuss your training needs with you when you contact us.

Please remember that the HGV Training Centre works with a financing partner to provide affordable financing on any of our training classes. If you are in need of CPC driver training but do not have the cash up front, you may still qualify by applying for financing. Get your training now and pay for it gradually, over time. We want to make training as easy and affordable as possible.

Lastly, remember that CPC driver training is not optional. It is mandatory throughout Europe. Drivers must receive training in the country where they work most often, regardless of where their employer is located. This dictates UK training for most drivers with UK licences. Drivers must undergo 35 hours of training once in every five years; it does not have to be completed within the last few weeks before a current certificate expires.

For more information about our CPC driver training, please call and speak to one of our training specialists.


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