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Driving in London is nerve-racking. Even a professional driver who scored perfectly on his HGV test will find himself pushed to the limits of concentration and skill when trying to navigate the capital during peak traffic times. In light of that, a new law just implemented in London aims to help make drivers safer by forcing operators to equip their lorries with side guards and extra mirrors capable of preventing serious accidents with cyclists. Activists in Manchester want to see the same law implemented there.

The new law is no surprise at all. It was announced a few years ago as part of Mayor Boris Johnson’s effort to make London streets safer. Operators have spent the last several months equipping their vehicles with the necessary safety equipment in anticipation of the law officially going into effect from September of this year (2015).

All operators who move large HGVs (in excess of 3.5 tons) in London must now have the new safety equipment installed or keep their vehicles out of the capital. News reports suggest that the authorities will be aggressively enforcing the regulations from the start. Any operator or driver found in violation could be stopped in his/her tracks and subject to stiff penalties and fines of up to £1,000.

HGV Career Programme

In Manchester, cyclists are saying HGV traffic in the city centre is becoming a problem. They want the same regulations implemented in their city before accidents start to rise. However, officials have indicated they have no plans to follow London’s lead in the near future. A representative of Transport for Greater Manchester told the Manchester Evening News they would be keeping an eye on things, as the law is always open for review.

A Very Challenging Job

Whenever the topic of HGVs and cyclists comes up, we are reminded of just how difficult the job of the HGV driver is. It goes without saying that safely manoeuvring an articulated lorry or tipper truck is considerably harder than driving a car. Nevertheless, when you add in the congestion of city streets along with ancient road designs never intended to handle modern traffic capacity, it is clear to see that professional driving is not something anyone can do.

At the HGV Training Centre, we are immensely proud of the drivers that complete our training classes before going on to pass the HGV test on the first try. Their accomplishments are a clear indication to us that our training programmes work as advertised. We are fully confident that each and every driver who takes training with us is more than capable of being a safe and productive professional.

We invite you to contact us if you have any plans to take the HGV test in the future. We can provide all the information you need regarding the legal requirements and process of earning your licence. Furthermore, HGV training in Manchester with us is conveniently offered at nearly four dozen facilities located around the UK.


Manchester Evening News – https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/make-roads-safer-too-manchester-9971989


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