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We talk a lot about the professional driver shortage and the need for more people to undergo PCV driver training. However, if Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) is to be believed, the driver shortage is the least of the worries now being faced by Britain’s bus services. CBT says a bigger problem is the budget cuts that threaten public bus services across England and Wales.

CBT is an independent charity that works on issues affecting public transport, walking and cycling. It says that Britain’s bus services are in a crisis due to lack of funding resulting from years of budget cuts. According to CBT, there are entire communities across England and Wales that have already been left with reduced bus service or no service at all; countless others are facing the same fate.

The Department for Transport says that decisions about public bus service should be left up to local authorities even though the Government does provide a substantial amount of funding. Critics respond by saying that this needs to change. They believe the Government needs to bring an end to privatisation in favour of returning local bus service to complete government control. They say that this is the only way to ensure smaller towns and cities do not lose their bus service in the future.

Making the problem worse in many communities is the previously mentioned shortage of PCV drivers. As we have said in the past, there are simply not enough new drivers coming on board to replace those who are retiring or shifting to other careers. Until the driver shortage is addressed adequately, no amount of funding can guarantee local bus service will continue running.

We Train Drivers

While the CBT and others debate the necessity of ending bus privatisation, the HGV Training Centre will continue doing our part by offering PCV driver training at more than 45 facilities throughout the UK. We can do nothing to increase the funding made available for public transport systems. Nevertheless, we can, and do, train qualified drivers who are more than ready to provide capable service to their employers and riders.

Our PCV driver training begins with a routine health check performed by your GP. Paperwork verifying you meet minimum health requirements is then submitted along with your application for a provisional entitlement. In the meantime, you will prepare for the PCV theory test to be taken when your provisional entitlement arrives. The test is a two-part, 100-question exam designed to test your knowledge of road safety and hazard avoidance.

Passing the theory test enables you to then move into the practical skills portion of your training. This involves both classroom work and time spent behind the wheel. Upon completion of your training, we will send one of our trainers with you on the day of your PCV test.

HGV Training Centre is proud to be a leading provider of PCV driver training in the UK. Contact us for more information about becoming a professional bus driver.


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