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As a leading provider of corporate driver training in the UK, we know that the vast majority of HGV drivers are responsible individuals that take both the law and safety seriously. Unfortunately, it only takes one rotten apple to cast a negative light across the entire industry. This is exactly what has happened thanks to a single drunk driver who was caught with three times the legal amount of alcohol in his blood.

Kevin Stevenson, a 44-year-old company driver now serving jail time for his offences, was found parked at a petrol station drinking in his HGV after concerned citizens reported him to police. Stevenson told police he had stopped the truck at the station before consuming any alcohol, but the installed tachograph said otherwise. The vehicle had been driven just minutes before police arrived to find empty beer cans scattered throughout the cab.

A blood alcohol test revealed Stevenson’s alcohol level was at 125µg; the legal limit is 35µg. He is now serving a five-month jail sentence, and he has been banned from driving for eight years. Furthermore, his former employer sacked him as soon as they found out what had happened. It is hard to imagine Mr Stevenson ever working as a professional driver again, although it could occur if all the stars were to align just right.

It is fortunate that Stevenson was found parked at the petrol station when police caught up with him. It is also fortunate that he did not cause an accident at some point during the day. Alcohol and driving do not mix under any circumstances; it is something Stevenson should have known and paid attention to.

Drunk Driving Not a Game

We realise there may be some who read this and don’t see the harm of drink driving as long as no one gets hurt. We want to state, under no uncertain terms, that drink driving is not a game. Any time a driver gets behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, he/she is putting him/herself and other drivers on the road at great risk. Commercial drivers need to be especially cognisant of this given the size and weight of the vehicles they operate.

At the HGV Training Centre, our corporate driver training emphasises legal compliance and safety. We can customise training programmes to individual customer needs, placing particular emphasis on any topic chosen – including drink and drug driving issues. Our corporate training is designed to meet the unique needs of each customer, regardless of the scope and size of their businesses.

In addition to corporate driver training, we also offer individual training to drivers looking to earn an HGV or PCV licence. Our fast-paced and intense approach enables our students to pass each of their tests the first time, eventually going on to complete their training and start looking for work in just a few weeks. We are proud to be a leading provider of both individual and corporate driver training in the UK.


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