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Dumper trucks are one of the most commonly used vehicles in construction and also in general public service, whether they’re emptying your rubbish or building new homes.  If you can learn how to drive a dumper truck, you’ll never be out of a job, and you’ll also be able to work on important and constructive jobs that keep society running smoothly, giving you the ultimate in job satisfaction.

What types of dumper truck are there?

There are a few dumper trucks which are commonly used in the kinds of jobs you might see advertised on job sites. These include the rigid dumper truck, the articulated dumper truck, the tracked dumper truck and the mini dumper truck.

Dumper truck CAT C

Rigid dumper trucks are used for large loads and are particularly good for construction projects, due to their durability and speed. However, they operate most successfully on roads rather than on difficult terrain.


An articulated dumper truck, on the other hand, is particularly good on rougher terrain, although isn’t good for very heavy loads. These kinds of trucks need highly skilled operatives and you’re very unlikely to be hired without having done some professional training.


Tracked dumper trucks are also excellent on rough terrain and in difficult weather conditions. These kinds of trucks can create a safer environment for other vehicles as they flatten the ground as they go, making them excellent during the early stages of construction.

Dumper truck forklift

Mini dumper trucks are the smaller versions of the above professional vehicles, and are the type of vehicle anyone can hire as long as they already have a category B licence. They’re simple to use and can be deployed for home and garden projects.


There are other dumper trucks weighing different amounts, depending on the jobs they need to do, and some of these will need additional licence requirements while others will be legal with a Cat B licence alone.

What licence do I need to drive a dumper truck?


Most smaller dumper trucks only need a Cat B car driving licence to be able to drive them legally. You will, however, need a CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) licence to be able to apply for work driving one professionally. Larger dumper trucks, which weigh over 3500kg, will need a Cat C licence. This is in line with any other large vehicle, where the licence is dictated by weight.  These larger vehicles, needing a Cat C licence, are the most likely to be required for large scale construction sites.

What can I earn?

A quick look at job listings will show you just how many employers are looking for people who can drive a dumper truck, either as part of a larger role or as their sole responsibility. Drivers who are qualified and ready for the workplace can expect to earn between £25,000 and £35,000 per year for operating a dumper truck.


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