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Any UK adult with a valid driving licence and reasonably good health can undergo truck driver training at the HGV Training Centre. Upon completion of that training, graduates are able to look for all sorts of jobs. One graduate might go on to land a job as a long-haul lorry driver while another might purchase a used box truck and open his/her own house-moving service. If drivers want to know what NOT to do, a Dutch lorry driver arrested last year in Milton Keynes provides a good example.

The 55-year-old driver was observed removing a package of heroin from the back of his lorry on Chippenham Drive, Kingston on 23 April 2014. MK News reports that the total street value of the drugs was in excess of £1.65 million. A subsequent investigation was launched to determine how much the driver would have benefited from his crime had he not been caught. That investigation resulted in a fine of more than £113,400.

We are not sure if a legitimate company with an established reputation employed the lorry driver. If so, it is quite likely he will have a hard time finding a job as an HGV driver in the future. If he was operating as an independent contractor, things might not be so tough for him under the right circumstances. Nevertheless, either way, transporting drugs in the back of a lorry is not what one is supposed to do after completing truck driver training.

The haulage industry is so desperate for drivers these days that it is nearly impossible to not find legitimate work. There is no valid reason to break the law in order to make ends meet as a licenced driver. Apply for a job, work hard, and take care of business – that is all the professional driver needs to do to remain employed throughout his/her entire career. We can help new drivers get started at the HGV Training Centre.

Fast, Convenient Training

Training with us has two things going for it that you are sure to appreciate. First of all, our training programmes get you licenced and on the road fast. Where other training programmes could take you six months or longer to complete, the HGV Training Centre utilises a fast paced and focused approach that can have you ready to take your practical skills test in a matter of weeks.

Second, training with us is convenient thanks to our more than 45 locations around the UK. There is likely a location very near to where you already live or work. We do not offer practical skills tests, as we are not approved to do so, but we will send one of our instructors with you on the day of your test. We do whatever we can to make sure our students pass their tests the first time. Truck driver training opens the door to a long and rewarding career.


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