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By the looks of it, you would think the announcement of higher speed limits for HGVs on UK motorways was ushering in the end of the world. Criticism of the decision has covered every conceivable argument, from short sighted politicians to money-hungry haulage companies. However, a man from East Sussex is not taking the criticisms lightly. He recently submitted an excellent editorial to the Sussex Express explaining his dismay with the Green Party and other speed limit critics.

Mr Lawrence Holt explained how much truck driving has changed since the former speed limits were introduced in the 1960s. He explained, firstly, that truck equipment is now made to a higher standard of safety than it was more than four decades ago. Today’s trucks include power steering, power brakes, all-around vision, and a number of other advancements that make trucks as safe as they have ever been.

Holt went on further to discuss the stringent requirements necessary to obtain an HGV licence. New drivers must undergo a comprehensive training regimen that includes a 100-question theory test measuring the student’s competence in highway safety and hazard avoidance. Licences must be renewed every three years and include an updated medical exam.

Mr Holt did an excellent job defending the safety of the current system and the benefits the consumer will enjoy from higher HGV speed limits. One thing he did not mention was the CPC requirements now in effect for all professional drivers. From 10 September, all HGV drivers must be CPC certified in order to legally work in the UK. Certificates are earned by completing 35 hours of concentrated training every five years. That is in addition to the three-year renewal of the HGV licence.

We commend Mr Holt for his thorough evaluation of the HGV speed limit issue. He shows a good understanding of how the rule change will be positive for both the haulage industry and consumers-at-large. Higher speed limits will increase productivity and lower consumer prices without measurably increasing risk. We might even find out a few years from now that the higher speed limits actually reduced the number of road crashes involving HGVs.

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Sussex Express – https://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/your-say/hgv-speed-limit-a-lot-has-changed-since-the-60s-1-6242301


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