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Have you been thinking about contacting us for more information regarding HGV and LGV driver training? Are you a former member of the military, a reservist, or a current HM Forces member preparing to leave the service? If you answered yes to either question, you are an ideal candidate to become a professional driver. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) thinks you have what it takes to do very well in our industry. As such, they are embarking on a new campaign to encourage more former and soon-to-be former military personnel to take up training.

The FTA’s Sally Gibson told Recruiter that the current driver shortage is as severe as it has ever been. She estimates the industry is now short some 50,000-60,000 drivers; retirements could open an additional 35,000 jobs in the next two years. Both her organisation and a number of others are actively pushing the Government to get involved by offering some sort of student loan programme for new trainees.

The Government could help both the industry and ex-military by providing financing options to help former HM Forces members transition from military life to private sector work as drivers. Not only would it help the haulage industry address their skills shortage, it could also be a fast-track to work for ex-military who may already possess many of the skills necessary to be excellent professional drivers. From every angle, it looks like a win-win.

Convenient and Fast

At that HGV Training Centre, we want to encourage ex-military to consider HGV or LGV driver training for a career as a professional driver. We believe it is important they know our training is both fast and convenient, giving them the opportunity to get to work almost immediately after leaving the armed forces.

HGV/LGV training with us is convenient because we operate more than 45 facilities around the country. Regardless of where ex-military live, we likely have a facility within a reasonable distance of their home. Training with us is also fast. We utilise a focused training approach that helps our students learn and retain the information they need to pass their tests the first time. Any ex-military member who learns quickly and can apply him/herself could potentially complete training in a matter of weeks.

How does the process work? It is quite simple, really. The new driver only needs a full car licence and the ability to pass a routine medical exam to get started. Neither should be a problem for ex-military. The new driver submits his/her completed medical paperwork and an application for a provisional entitlement. While he/she waits for that entitlement to arrive, he/she prepares to take the theory test; one can prepare on one’s own or take preparatory classes at one of our training centres.

Upon passage of the theory test, the student is then ready to undergo practical skills training. That training culminates with a final skills test administered at an authorised facility. That is all there is to it. Are you ready?


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