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A company known around the world for its explosion prevention solutions is warning companies about the potential dangers of forklifts even after they have been retrofitted with explosion-proof technologies. The company says that proper forklift training and maintenance training for engineers should not be overlooked under the false assumption that no dangers exist.

Explosion prevention solutions are intended to make forklifts safer when being operated in potentially volatile environments. For example, an explosion prevention kit may keep sparks and other electrical energy impulses at bay in an environment where flammable materials are found. According to Pyroban, no such solution is foolproof or permanent in the level of protection it affords.

Pyroban officials say that explosion-proofing will provide maximum safety upon initial installation, as long as installation is done properly. But materials wear out over time. What virtually guarantees safety in the first few weeks and months can be compromised in the future if proper care and maintenance are not applied. That is where engineers and drivers come in.

The forklift driver is that person on the front line who should be examining the condition of equipment every day. If there is any chance that explosion prevention components are in need of service, it is the operator’s responsibility to let someone in a position of authority know. Engineers have a similar responsibility in terms of identifying maintenance issues, but they also have the added responsibility of fixing them.

Safety Applies to Everyone

Pyroban makes an excellent point in warning forklift owners and operators of the need to be vigilant in maintaining explosion prevention equipment. It is not enough to install equipment on forklift trucks and then simply forget about it. Every component utilised in an explosion prevention solution is subject to the same kind of wear and tear the rest of a forklift is exposed to. That means regular maintenance should be the norm.

Remedial forklift training programmes can be a useful tool in keeping track of explosion prevention equipment and policies. When drivers and engineers know everything there is to know about explosion prevention, they are in a better position to make sure that equipment is always up to standard.

Here at the HGV Training Centre, part of our forklift training addresses driver safety. However, we do not go into great detail to cover explosion prevention and explosion-proof forklifts. That is an issue better suited to individual employers based on need. Having said that, our students are fully instructed in the concept that safety applies to everyone on the workplace floor.

We believe that high-quality forklift training is the key to driver safety. We offer one-, three- and five-day training courses suitable for every level of forklift operator. Those who have forklift experience but have never been officially certified can be brought up to standard with our one- or three-day courses; drivers who have never operated a forklift at all are candidates for the five-day course.


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