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If you are among the 1 million UK workers employed in an environment in which forklifts are used, the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) wants to challenge you to participate in their online forklift safety challenge. You do not have to be a forklift operator to participate; you only need to work on, around, or near forklifts as part of your daily job. The intent of the challenge is to encourage workers to learn more about forklift safety as a means of improving the workplace environment.

The Fork Lift Hazard Perception test, so named by the FLTA, challenges individuals to identify potential safety hazards and rank them in order of importance. The idea is to open their eyes to how frequently safety issues arise without workers recognising them. The FLTA hopes to raise the consciousness of UK workers so that they are more mindful of occupational safety while at work.

According to the FLTA, there are some 800 forklift related accidents in British workplaces every year. Many of those accidents result in serious injuries requiring hospitalisation. Some are life altering to the extent that injured workers can no longer participate in gainful employment. The FLTA says that more can be done to further enhance the progress that safety advocates have made over the years. Their online safety challenge is part of that.

FLTA Chief Executive Peter Harvey told SHD Logistics that oftentimes forklift accidents are blamed on the trucks themselves rather than how these are operated. He went on to say that bad driving practices and clear violations are often not corrected because they are not reported. He hopes the online safety challenge will awaken workers to their responsibility to report any unsafe forklift practices they may observe. You can participate in the challenge by visiting the FLTA website prior to September 17 (2014).

Quality Forklift Training

UK law does not require forklift operators to obtain a special licence in order to work. However, companies are required to use every means necessary to provide a safe working environment at all times. We consider forklift training one of those means. That is why we offer comprehensive forklift operator training to both individuals and company drivers.

Our training programmes teach drivers all of the standards of safe forklift operation including cargo handling, operating around equipment and other workers, load-balancing, cargo placement and displacement, and smooth operational control. We then go beyond the standard instruction to stress safety at all times. When an operator receives a forklift driver certificate from us, you can rest assured he or she is well prepared to be a safe and productive operator.

For more information about our forklift operator training, contact us on our free telephone number or by following the contact link at the top of this page. We provide training at more than 45 facilities throughout the UK, at which new classes are forming regularly. The sooner you get started with your training, the sooner you will be ready to be a safe and productive forklift operator for your employer.


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