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UK employers looking to hire forklift drivers are now more likely than ever to ask for a forklift Certificate of Basic Training to prove a job candidate is capable of operating company equipment safely. Although possession of a forklift certificate is not necessary to be employed as a forklift driver, earning one is still a very good idea. Drivers with genuine certificates are more likely to be hired than those without.

There is currently no special forklift licence issued in the UK. However, the Work Equipment Regulations of 1998 require forklift drivers to receive adequate training. The one weak point of the regulations is that adequate training is not clearly defined. Furthermore, there are only four accrediting organisations working with training providers to meet specific training standards. This leaves the door wide open to problems determining what constitutes adequate training and what does not.

If a training company offers accredited training, they will be able to supply successful trainees with a Certificate of Basic Training that includes the following information:

It is possible for training companies to issue fraudulent certificates or to claim accreditation where none exists. Therefore, it is up to each student to check accreditation before signing up for training classes. Again, it is not necessary to receive training from an accredited company, but it is a good idea nonetheless.

In the Absence of a Forklift Certificate

Just as there is no special forklift licence issued in the UK, companies are not required to hire operators with certificates from an accrediting organisation – as long as candidates can prove adequate and sufficient training to meet legal requirements. That proof could be in the form of records supplied by the training company, copies of test marking sheets, and other similar documentation.

Failing to ensure a forklift operator has been adequately trained opens a company up to a serious liability problem in the event of an accident. There have been cases in which companies have been severely punished after an untrained driver has killed or injured someone in the workplace. That is a risk company owners and senior management should never be willing to take.

The HGV Training Centre offers forklift driver training alongside our training for HGV and PCV licences. Our training covers everything operators need to know to be safe and reliable forklift drivers who meet industry standards for safety. We cover everything from load transfer to fork operation to hazard awareness.

Upon completion of our training, the successful candidate receives a forklift certificate that can be used to prove adequate training when looking for work. We offer nearly four dozen convenient training locations and affordable classes that can be financed through our financing partner.


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