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The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has been working closely with a number of big-name fleet operators to come up with something known as the ‘van driver passport’ for UK operators. A recent report from Fleet News now says the FTA is closer than ever to finalising a deal. If all the parties can get it done, van drivers would become part of a programme that would benefit both them and their employers.

The idea of the van driver passport is similar to the CPC requirements now part of driving PCVs and HGVs. The only difference is that the passport would not be required by law. Rather, the programme is a voluntary one that would be undertaken by the van fleet operators of their own accord. Those who participate would likely make the passport a requirement for all new drivers.

The main idea behind the project is to create a set of industry standards enabling van drivers to demonstrate competence in their line of work. Drivers would be trained according to passport guidelines, by approved training facilities, and then issued a passport certificate proving they had completed training.

If a van driver leaves one employer to go to work for another that were also part of the programme, the passport would negate the need for fresh training with the new employer. In other words, the passport is transferable from one employer to the next. This would help reduce training costs for fleet operators when hiring drivers who previously worked for other participating companies.

According to the FTA, participating companies could also build on the basic standards of the passport programme. They could do so in order to add training that might be specific to their industry or the types of vehicles their drivers are operating. The additional training would act as a CV enhancement for drivers who might be transferring to new employer operating within the same industry.

Van Driver Training

As one of the leading providers of van driver training, the HGV Training Centre supports any initiative that will make drivers safer and companies more profitable. We believe the passport idea is a good one if administered correctly. We also have no doubt that the FTA is up to the task.

Our van driver training programmes focus on preparing drivers for two things: to pass all required tests and then to go on be safe and efficient drivers for their employers. We pride ourselves on producing students ready to pass their tests the first time, thanks to our concentrated teaching approach.

The HGV Training Centre provides van driver training for individuals and company drivers alike. We operate more than 45 facilities around the UK, so there is likely a training centre near you. We also offer training for larger vehicles including box trucks, lorries, tipper trucks, coaches and buses, heavy construction equipment, and horseboxes. You can find out more information about all of our training classes by calling our free phone number.




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