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As one of the leading providers of van driver training in the UK, we assume every training provider instructs students in the proper use of the transmission and parking brake when leaving a van unattended during deliveries. Apparently, that lesson was lost on a FedEx driver who was recently filmed watching helplessly as his van rolled away from him. A video of the somewhat humorous incident was posted online; it has since gone viral.

The video starts innocently enough, with the FedEx van pulling into a nondescript residential neighbourhood of unknown origin. The driver could have been in the US, Canada or possibly even some country in Europe. However, where he was does not really matter. Especially if you know what’s coming.

The van passes a garden where a number of dogs are roaming behind a fence. They start barking as the vehicle passes by and out of sight of the camera. Suddenly, their barking gets more intense as their focus is turned to the van rolling backwards without its driver inside. Moments later, we see the driver chasing after the van in a vain attempt to stop it from moving.  Eventually the driver has to give up the chase. He stands aghast at the vehicle rolls down the hill, across the street and crashes into a tree on the other side.

We can laugh at this video because no one was harmed in this accident. On the other hand, the driver is likely subject to some sort of disciplinary action for failing to put his vehicle in park and applying the parking brake. There is no word on what caused the failure, but perhaps the pressure of completing his deliveries on time distracted him. We will probably never know.

Don’t Be the Next Video

At the HGV Training Centre, we encourage you to do what is necessary to avoid becoming the next video subject to go viral. Take your van driver training courses with us. We are one of the most well known names in commercial driver training because we offer quality courses that achieve proven results. When you train with us, you are training with professional staff genuinely concerned with your professional success.

Our training programmes focus on highway safety, hazard avoidance and driver efficiency. Moreover, we do not waste your time teaching you things you don’t need to know. We employ a fast-paced and intense approach that focuses on only those things you need to learn to pass your tests. And as proof that our approach works, consider the fact that 92% of our students pass the PCV theory test the first time they take it.

If you are looking to break into the commercial driving field, there is no better place than the HGV Training Centre to get prepared. In addition to van driver training, we also offer training for HGVs, LGVs, coaches and buses, heavy construction equipment, horseboxes and horsebox trailers. We also offer forklift training and driver CPC training as well.


The Independent – http://www.independent.co.uk/news/watch-security-camera-catches-fedex-delivery-man-chasing-his-van-down-a-hill-9237711.html


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