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Last month the government agreed to look at increasing both weight and speed limits for agricultural vehicles, including trailers, according to The Journal. The Newcastle-based publication says the government consultancy will be accepting public comments on the matter in addition to doing its own research.

National Farmers Union (NFU) county chairperson David Robson says his organisation is partly responsible for the government decision after having lobbied for the changes for the past several years. The NFU has long held that the current standards were put in place in a day and age when agricultural vehicles were much more limited than they are today. They maintain that new technology makes it possible for UK farmers to still be safe, even with higher weight and speed limits.

Among the proposed changes is a speed limit increase to 25 mph for agricultural vehicles. The consultancy will also be looking at weight limit increases of 31 tons for normal tractor-trailers and up to 37 tons for triple-axle trailers with appropriate suspensions. Increasing both speed and weight limits will allow UK farmers to be more productive using the same assets and resources.

Robson says the changes are necessary in order to allow the UK to compete with agricultural operators in EU member states with higher limits. The lower limits currently put UK farmers at a competitive disadvantage, Robson told The Journal. He went on to say that the NFU has proposed a voluntary test using participating farmers willing to try out the new limits.

Changes to Trailer Training

As things currently stand, the licensing and regulation of agricultural vehicles depends on a variety of factors, including vehicle class, vehicle size and weight, where a vehicle is operated and the type of cargo being carried. It is unclear whether changes to weight and speed limits would have any effect on licensing requirements.

If it does, you can count on the HGV Training Centre incorporating those changes into our heavy equipment and trailer training courses. We will do everything we can to make sure the training we provide meet or exceed minimum standards so that our graduates are always operating their vehicles legally.

Should the vehicles you use in your agricultural operation not require special training or licensing, we would urge you to get the training anyway. Especially if you are using vehicles with trailers. Towing can be a dangerous exercise if it is not done properly. What’s more, you can never go wrong by improving your skills through additional training.

The HGV Training Centre offers heavy equipment and trailer training at dozens of facilities around the country. Our fast-paced and thorough approach ensures you learn only that information necessary for the vehicles you drive. We will not waste your time burdening you with training that has nothing to do with your circumstances. Upon completion, you will be prepared to operate your vehicles with the utmost efficiency and safety. Call us today to enrol in the next round of classes.


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