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Earlier this year the Health & Safety Executive released the third edition of their Approved Code of Practice for the use of rider-operated lift trucks (L117). The document is more than just a copy of helpful suggestions for forklift operators. It’s an entire set of protocols designed to keep everyone working with and around forklift trucks as safe as possible.

According to the Executive, forklift trucks still account for most of the industrial accidents in the UK every year. They say such accidents result in some 800 serious injuries annually. Many of those injuries could be prevented if operators received proper training and followed established protocols. The Approved Code of Practice is a tool designed to help achieve safety goals.

A number of reports suggest the new edition of the Code places a heavy emphasis on both training and operational managers. The Executive believes these two groups of managers need to be especially aware of things like:

The thinking is that forklift operations can be made safer if managers are more proactive in their approach. Both training and operational managers willing to make a point of being aware of what’s happening on the floor at all times are more likely to take the steps necessary to ensure safety for all.

Training is Essential

Despite the fact that UK law does not require forklift truck operators to be licensed, the HGV Training Centre knows how essential proper training is for safe operations. That’s why we offer forklift driver training on both an individual basis and for companies looking to train groups of drivers.

Our comprehensive training instructs forklift operators about all aspects of forklift safety. This includes manoeuvring the forklift safely, working in tight spaces, operating a forklift in the presence of other workers, balancing loads, driving while under load, and placing and removing cargo.

The necessity of proper training is underscored by the fact that the manufacturing environment has changed drastically in the UK over the last several decades. Warehouses and manufacturing floors now utilise larger equipment, more compact floor plans, and a greater volume of workers. All of these changes add up to potential disasters when forklift operators are not properly trained.

The HGV Training Centre encourages training and operational managers not to take forklift truck operations lightly. All of your workers deserve the proper forklift training that keeps them all safe. If you need help with your in-house training programs, we are available to assist. If you would like us to handle all of your training for you, we can do that as well.

We are one of the largest and most well known commercial driver training centres in the UK with more than 40 facilities around the country. The HGV Training Centre is proud to offer the finest training in the industry. Our reputation for excellence speaks for itself.


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