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If your main foray into festivals is the musical variety, you might find a festival of trucking quite hard to imagine. Are they boring and serious places full of HGV buyers and recruiters? Is it only a place to go if you really want to trade a truck?


The truth is it’s not so very different from any other festival you might go to. There are the crowds, the sponsors, the food, the drink, and the stars of the show. Only instead of being musicians, this time those stars are trucks and drivers. There are musicians as well, you may be surprised to hear, but they definitely play second fiddle to the haulage representatives in attendance.


Let’s take a look at a couple of well-known truck festivals to see exactly what goes down.


Convoy in the Park

This summer event at Donnington Park has everything you might expect from a massive festival. It’s got bands, kids entertainment, a fairground and traders to buy shiny things from.


Only instead of having to get your head around various brand new artists, you can instead enjoy the familiar and timeless songs of tribute bands playing the greatest hits of The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Blues Brothers.

truck festival

There are some original bands thrown in, but they’re much more likely to have a classic punk, rock or retro sound than something unfathomably edgy and new, so you can rest assured it’ll be a bill you can enjoy.


On top of all of this standard festival action, you can also explore show trucks, watch trucks race each other, and take a ride in a monster truck, as well as watching vehicle stunt shows.


The clue is in the name, but Truckfest is also a festival celebrating the humble truck. With much the same set-up as Convoy in the Park, Truckfest’s musical offering includes a Madness tribute band and an Oasis tribute band, as well as a Red Hot Chili Peppers pipe band.


Truckfest has an even more truck-heavy schedule of events, however, with truck awards, an illuminated truck light parade, an appearance from the Outback Truckers, the Ghostbusters vehicle, and monster trucks crushing things.

truck fest

There’s also a vintage vehicle show and a jet bus, as well as stunts, displays and kids entertainment in a similar vein to Convoy in the Park.


Truckfest seems to be more aimed at the haulage industry, but really both are entertaining enough for anyone to enjoy, even with only a passing interest in trucks. And you never know, it could ignite interest in a whole new career.


If you do find yourself hankering after being an HGV driver by the time you come back from either of these festivals, there are plenty of jobs going, and the training is quick and affordable, so just get in touch with us and we’ll make your dreams come true. Who knows, you could even be appearing at one of these festivals next year!



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