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The residents of Banbury were treated to dozens of HGVs rumbling into town earlier this month; but not because we suddenly increased the number of opportunities for HGV training in Oxfordshire. Rather, the truck owners were travelling to St Mary’s Church for the wedding of Mr Gary Coles. He is the owner and director of Coles & Sons, a company that provides repair and maintenance services for truck owners.

The town of 45,000 residents was hardly inconvenienced by the roughly 80 cabs, except for a formal procession that began outside the Whatley Hall Hotel and progressed to the church. All in all, it was a very nice event allowing an impressive number of HGV drivers to show their support and respect for Coles and his bride. Coles told the Banbury Guardian that he was ‘delighted’ so many drivers came out for the wedding ceremony.

A Close Knit Community

It is rather telling when an individual in any industry receives such strong support from his or her peers. The fact that dozens of HGV drivers showed up for Coles’ wedding indicates he is well respected and appreciated. However, more than that, it also shows that the haulage and transport community is a close-knit one.

Driving professionally is a career that is unique in many ways. There are constant challenges posed by the weather, traffic, road construction, tight schedules, and company demands. Moreover, because it is a career that forces some measure of transience among its workers, professional drivers often count their peers as their most trusted friends and companions. The community of drivers is as tight as any fraternal organisation.

Anyone who has been in the industry for any length of time knows that he or she can always count on fellow drivers when they are down. That unspoken bond of brotherhood – or sisterhood, as the case may be – is one of the things professional drivers miss most upon retirement.

You Can Be Part of It

You can be a member of this unique group of workers by receiving professional driver training and earning your HGV licence. Here at the HGV Training Centre, it is our privilege to provide HGV training in Oxfordshire and at more than 45 other locations throughout the UK. We can complete your training and have you looking for work in no time at all.

In order to train, you only need a full car licence and the ability to pass a routine medical exam. We will help you prepare for the HGV theory test as well as submit your paperwork for the provisional entitlement. Once both are secure, you can begin your practical skills training that includes both classroom work and behind the wheel practice. When all is said and done, we will even accompany you to your final test.

HGV driving is a rewarding career offering lots of challenges, good pay, and long-term job stability. It is a great career option whether you are just starting out or changing careers due to redundancy.


Banbury Guardian – http://www.banburyguardian.co.uk/news/local-news/hgvs-roll-into-banbury-for-wedding-1-6119605


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