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The news is routinely filled with all kinds of stories about how HGV drivers are dangerous and reckless. Rarely do we see news items to the opposite. So it should be understandable how happy we are to be able to report on an HGV driver whose heroism may have prevented a serious accident and saved a life. This driver is worthy of some sort of Driver CPC recognition next time his driver card is up for renewal.

The driver, identified by The Mirror as Andy Yarrow, was travelling down the A3 in Surrey when he came upon a broken down Ford Fiesta in the fast lane. The driver of the Fiesta apparently did not know what to do, so he did nothing all. Meanwhile, traffic continued to move on by with seemingly little concern displayed by other drivers. Yarrow was the exception.

He stopped his HGV in the centre lane, got out, and proceeded to push the broken down Fiesta to the hard shoulder about 50 yards ahead. Once on the shoulder he pushed the car backward to an area where it would be safer. Yarrow’s dash-mounted camera recorded the entire incident as it unfolded.

We commend Mr Yarrow for risking his health and well-being in order to help a stranded motorist. Had he not stopped, the broken down Fiesta could have easily been struck by an oncoming vehicle in the fast lane. Any such accident could have easily led to collisions with other vehicles passing in the centre lane at the same time, multiplying the risk of serious injuries or potential death.

The only disconcerting thing revealed by the video is the fact that so many other drivers passed by without a care in the world. Some of those drivers got dangerously close to the Fiesta and Yarrow as they passed by to go on their way. It is amazing the collective lack of concern among so many other drivers did not result in a devastating situation.

A Job Well Done

We consider what Mr Yarrow did a job well done. We are not aware of any Driver CPC training he may have undergone to enable him to respond to roadside emergencies, but we also know that such training is not necessary to be a good driver and a good citizen. Perhaps Yarrow should be given some sort of credit when he has to undergo the 35 hours of classroom training to keep his CPC certification current.

As a side note, the HGV Training Centre provides approved Driver CPC training to both individual and company drivers. Our CPC training can be used in conjunction with other classes to meet a driver’s five-year requirement or, for those who prefer, to meet the entire 35-hour mandate.

Driver CPC training is designed to ensure all professional drivers are both competent and proficient in what they do. Mr Yarrow has certainly proved his worthiness, Driver CPC training notwithstanding. Well done, sir.


  1. Metro – https://metro.co.uk/2015/10/27/would-you-stop-to-help-this-motorist-dashcam-footage-shows-hgv-driver-push-broken-down-car-to-safety-5464285/


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