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For decades, airline pilots have had the luxury of training in state-of-the-art simulators capable of re-creating the cockpit experience. Simulators have also been used for a long time in the military and for things like the US space program. Now they are coming to HGV driver training as well.

According to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, the Driving Standards Agency (ESA) recently approved the use of high-tech HGV simulators for training purposes. So far, approval has only been given to one company, but it’s expected to quickly gain popularity with training facilities around the country.

The benefit of using a simulator is primarily seen in training times. By using a simulator trainers can work with multiple drivers for up to seven hours at a time. That makes training a lot more efficient than taking one driver out in a single HGV.

It is expected the simulators will further enhance training by taking some of the pressure off students. For example, it might be easier for some students to get the hang of things in a simulator, where no real damage can be done, before having to get behind the wheel of an actual, physical vehicle.

Simulators can also be programmed to present drivers with various weather and traffic conditions. When training is confined only to actual vehicles, trainers have no control over these factors. That makes the simulator a better tool for more comprehensive training.

Recruiting Potential

The other positive aspect of the DSA decision is that it may very well help recruiting efforts. Right now, the UK is undergoing a driver shortage; an issue that will only get worse in the coming years if recruiting doesn’t pick up. Between driver retirements and insufficient numbers of new drivers, there simply aren’t enough workers to keep up with demand.

At the HGV training Centre, we are always looking for new ways to recruit drivers. We offer comprehensive training, from start to finish, for various types of vehicles, including:

In order to earn a commercial driver’s license you must first have a full car license. That being the case, the process is as follows:

We are one of the most recognised names in commercial driving training in the UK. With more than 45 facilities around the country, we are capable of meeting the training needs of both individuals and companies alike. In fact, we offer fleet and CPC driver training to companies of all sizes.

When you sign up with the HGV Training Centre, it will be only a matter of weeks before your training is complete. We will help you every step of the way, including finding a job through our comprehensive jobs database. If you are ready, call us today.


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