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Are you one of the many planning to take your HGV training in Northamptonshire later this year? If so, you may be among the first to pay a visit to the brand-new Bio-LNG fuelling station recently opened in Daventry. The fuelling station, built by Gasrec, opened on May 23 in a gala ceremony attended by transport Minister Norman Baker.

Baker told the assembled crowd that the opening of the station signalled a new era in the UK, an era in which the HGV industry could do its part to help reduce carbon emissions while creating green jobs that will aid the economy. Although his remarks seemed more bluster than anything else, Baker does make a good point.

HGVs do contribute significantly to the UK’s carbon omissions, thanks to the heavy diesel fuel they run on. Moreover, because freight and human transport is the backbone of the nation’s economy, it is essential for large fleets of these vehicles to be on the road at any given time. If Baker’s dream of large-scale Bio-LNG use becomes reality, the reduction in greenhouse gases will be significant.

On the other hand, the idea of Bio-LNG creating a ton of green jobs seems a bit far-fetched. That’s a promise similar to what America has been hearing from President Obama for the last four years. Unfortunately, those promises have remained unfulfilled. There is just nothing about green economic ventures that make them any more promising for job growth than other sectors.

That aside, the introduction of Bio-LNG fuel holds a lot of promise for the freight transport and haulage industries. The technology promises to save both large and small companies a lot of money through efficiency and less fuel use. On the other side of the coin, it might also mean an increase in business as more companies decide to use ground transport services.

Driver Training

Assuming this all comes to fruition, HGV training will have to adapt appropriately. There will not necessarily be a big difference in terms of driving and manoeuvring HGVs, but there should be significant differences in how engines work. That means drivers will need to know their way around these new engines so they can continue to address problems that come up while they are on the road. They will also need to know if there are any additional safety procedures that go with the new vehicles.

No one quite knows exactly what the additional training will look like, or if there will be any at all. But if so, rest assured the HGV Training Centre would incorporate it into our programs. We are committed to remaining on the cutting-edge of the training industry regardless of the changes that might come our way.

Should future drivers receiving their HGV training in Northamptonshire need to become familiar with the Bio-LNG station in Daventry, we will make sure they receive that training. Whatever it takes to get students from the classroom and onto the road where they can make money.


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