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Navigating the traffic on High Street in Lochee, Dundee can be a nightmare on any given day. The one-way street is often heavily congested with a mix of commercial and private passenger vehicles all vying for limited parking space and the necessary room to pass through. HGV drivers, taxi drivers, and local residents are among a growing group constantly complaining to the local council. So far, little has been done to ease the problem.

According to news reports, the congestion is being caused mainly by drivers not obeying traffic laws. For example, taxi drivers routinely set up rank in standard parking spaces rather than use the official taxi rank established further up the street. Doing so takes parking spaces away from local residents and customers of street-side shops.

HGV drivers have problems of their own, routinely finding loading bays blocked by parked cars. They must then park in the street to unload their cargo, snarling traffic behind them for what can seem like an eternity. And of course, do not forget the buses. The street is narrow enough that any stopped bus impedes traffic for as long as it takes to load and unload passengers.

Some residents say many of the problems could be relieved if drivers would take advantage of several large car parks located in the area. However, they also say the car parks, which are not signposted, are either ignored or entirely missed. Local residents are now demanding the council do something to fix the problem on their street. HGV drivers and other commercial vehicle operators probably feel the same way.

Part of the Job

No job is perfect, right? For HGV drivers, the task of dealing with streets like Lochee’s High Street is part of the game. The simple fact of the matter is that a large majority of the communities in Britain were built long before the advent of the automobile. Local streets were simply never intended to handle the volumes of traffic, or the size of the vehicles, we routinely encounter today. The key for the professional driver is to do his or her best to cooperate with everyone else on the street in order to lessen the overall impact on traffic.

At the HGV Training Centre, our students are instructed in the area of operating in congested conditions. We teach our students how to anticipate problems, how to avoid them as best they can, and how to do everything as safely as possible. We believe high quality training is the best thing that we can do for our students in the absence of improved local roads.

As a leading provider of professional driver training, the HGV Training Centre prepares students to become successful HGV drivers who are both productive and safe. In addition to HGVs, we also offer training for PCVs, forklift trucks, trailers, horseboxes and horsebox lorries. No matter what your driver training needs are, the HGV Training Centre is here to help.


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