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It has been a while since we’ve used our daily blog post to provide helpful tips to our readers. So today, we thought we would address the hazard perception portion of the HGV theory test. Hazard perception makes up the second part of the two-part exam; candidates must score at least 67 to pass it.

Testing the ability to perceive developing hazards involves 19 videos viewed on a computer screen. In 18 of those videos, there is one developing hazard that the candidate is expected to identify as quickly as possible. One of the videos contains two developing hazards.

Below are five helpful tips that will help you maximise your performance on this part of the HGV theory test:

1. Study Developing Hazards

Our first tip should be obvious: you need to know what the DVLA considers a developing hazard. Randomly clicking with no knowledge is not going to help you. You can learn the criteria by studying the test manual provided by the DVLA or your training company.

2. Take Practice Tests

There are countless numbers of free practice tests you can take online. When you sign up for classes with the HGV Training Centre, we will provide you with free software that includes numerous practice tests. Take them. The more practice you get, the better you will perform at testing time.

3. Get Plenty of Rest

The night before your HGV theory test, be sure to get plenty of rest. You need to be awake and alert if you are going to perform at your best. That means no staying up until the wee hours of the morning playing video games or partying with your friends. Turn off the television, disconnect from social media, and get to bed at a reasonable time.

4. Leave the Phone at Home

As hard as it might be, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to leave your smartphone at home. The last thing you need on testing day are the distractions of push notifications and text messages. If you absolutely cannot leave your phone at home, at least turn it off as soon as you enter the testing facility. Nothing should distract you from the task at hand.

5. Avoid Random Clicking

Once the videos begin, be sure to avoid the temptation of random clicking. The more often you click, the worse your score will be. Why? Because the computer software assumes excessive random clicking means you are guessing rather than knowing what to look for.

The HGV theory test is not easy to pass if you do not prepare for it. That is a good thing. We do not want unprepared drivers passing their tests and getting licences without any effort. If you are thinking about getting your commercial driving licence, consider training with us at the HGV training centre. We can prepare you for the HGV theory test as well as the other three you will need to pass to get a licence.


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