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We do not like to spend a lot of time singing our own praises, but we felt it important to let our regular readers know that the HGV Training Centre recently made the news in a very big way. How so? By tripling our turnover in the last three years, making us the largest provider of HGV driver training in the UK. We are proud of this accomplishment, an accomplishment made possible by the hard work and dedication of our entire staff.

Supply Chain Digital was first to run the story of our success on 24 November (2015). You might want to follow the link below and read their excellent piece. Our thanks go out to Jess Shanahan for a very well written article that captures the essence of who and what the HGV Training Centre is. Shanahan included a quote from one of the company’s founders, Gary Benardout.

“Having a force of highly-trained drivers is critical to the success of logistics firms, or any firm with a logistics arm,” Benardout said. “Not only does it help to deliver new business contracts, it also means that drivers are operating efficiently and with the utmost safety.”

Gary Benardout and co-founder James Clifford initially established the company in response to the ongoing driver shortage that continues to plague the UK. They wanted to do their part to alleviate the shortage as much as possible. As Shanahan explained, current estimates suggest the haulage industry alone will need an additional 60,000 drivers over the next five years. When combined with the transport industry, some 100,000 drivers will be required.

Plans for the Future

We are absolutely thrilled to be a market leader in both PCV and HGV training. We currently have a market share of about 15% focused mainly on individual drivers. Our business plan seeks to increase that to 21% next year and 33% by 2020. We are also fully engaged in a plan to expand the corporate division of the business to keep pace with our individual training.

Our corporate training division provides the same kinds of high-quality PCV and HGV training along with additional offerings that include ongoing Driver CPC and bespoke company training programmes. We eventually plan to be the one-stop shop experience for all commercial driving needs.

At the HGV Training Centre, we take great pride in the services and course offerings we have come to be known for. We are a company dedicated to the success of each and every student we put through our doors on a monthly basis. We know that we only succeed when our drivers succeed, so we are not about to let any of them fail if we can help it.

If you have been thinking of a career as an HGV driver, there is no better time than the present to get started. We have new HGV training courses starting all the time. Contact us now so we can get you enrolled as quickly as possible.


  1. Supply Chain Digital – https://www.supplychaindigital.com/logistics/hgvtrainingcouk-becomes-market-leader-just-three-years-after-launch


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