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When people contact us for information about driving a horse lorry, the questions are usually relating to licencing issues. People want to know if they need a special horsebox licence when towing horses for an equestrian hobby, for example. However, lately there has been a little bit of rumbling among horse owners about the taxman. It turns out HMRC has decided to crack down on people who might be avoiding paying the full amount of tax on their horseboxes.

A typical scenario for HMRC to look at would involve a rural business owner who purchases a horsebox trailer or horse lorry to be used for official business operations. If that business owner then uses the vehicle to transport horses for personal use, he is required to report such use. Failure to do so results in a tax bill that is lower than it should be. This is not allowed under the law.

The good news is that the government is unlikely to punish a small business owner who makes a genuine, honest mistake. Nevertheless, they will come down hard on those who purposely try to avoid paying tax. For this reason, business owners should probably hire an accountant or an experienced solicitor after receiving a letter from HMRC.

As for the licencing question, no special licence is required when using a horsebox to transport horses for leisure or sport. As long as the vehicle meets weight guidelines and the driver is not making the majority of his/her income through some means related to horse transport, a simple class B licence is sufficient. The HGV Training Centre can give you more information if you believe your circumstances might still require you to earn a B+E licence.

We Train Horse Lorry Drivers

At the HGV Training Centre, our training programmes are not limited to HGV and PCV drivers operating the largest commercial vehicles on the road. We also work with non-professionals, including horsebox owners who just want to make sure they are driving safely with horses in tow.

Our training covers both 3.5-tonne horsebox trailers and 7.5-tonne horse lorries. We teach drivers everything they need to know to get their vehicles from point A to point B safely. Training includes things such as braking and cornering, backing, manoeuvring in confined spaces and driving in ways that ensure maximum comfort for animals.

We encourage horse owners all over the UK to receive annual training even if a special licence is not required by law. You can never receive too much training in preparation for transporting horses. Every amount of training you receive makes things safer for them and easier for you.

The HGV Training Centre is proud to be one of the leading providers of driver training in the UK. We offer training for all classes of commercial vehicles, at an affordable price and with quick turnaround. Contact us for more information about your training.


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