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Your average 3.5-tonne horsebox trailer has enough space to fit two horses comfortably for the ride to and from the equestrian show. Horseboxes are built tough, they have hefty suspension, and they are designed for a smooth and comfortable ride. So when you have an old one you are ready to retire, it’s a shame to send it to the scrap heap. But what else can you do? You could try building a portable bar. That is just what one creative entrepreneur in Ombersley has done.

According to the Cotswold Journal, entrepreneur Adrian Jones has converted a horsebox trailer into a mobile bar that can be used for just about any event. The Cotswold Journal says this stylish mobile bar is the first of its kind in the UK. Jones, who works full-time as a property developer and event organiser, has already booked the bar for a number of events that will keep him busy over the summer. He is available for weddings, parties and just about anything else.

Jones told the Cotswold Journal that the mobile space has everything he needs to create a full bar experience with just a half hour of set-up time. From beer to wine to cocktails, he intends to bring the bar to the party with no loss of service. We have no doubt Mr Jones can make it happen.

Licensing Questions

You might be curious as to how Jones’ use of a horsebox trailer relates to driving licence issues. Indeed, the law does not require a special licence to operate a horsebox trailer as long as it is being used to transport horses for hobby or demonstration purposes AND the operator is not deriving a full-time income from the activities the trailer is being used for. Being that Jones is not transporting horses with his trailer, the rules may apply differently.

If they do, we imagine licencing would be subject to weight restrictions. As long as the total weight of the trailer and tow vehicle does not reach the legal threshold, it could be operated with a standard car licence. Above that threshold, the operator would need a B+E licence.

At the HGV Training Centre, our position is that drivers towing trailers of any kind should undergo training even if they do not require a special licence. As we have said in the past, towing a trailer is different from driving down the road with just your car alone. The trailer adds extra weight and makes the tow vehicle harder to handle even under the best of conditions. Throw in adverse weather and towing a trailer can be exceptionally challenging.

We offer horsebox trailer and horsebox lorry training to both professionals and non-professionals alike. We can even train you to safely tow your caravan before you head out on your summer holidays. Contact the HGV Training Centre for information on training locations and current pricing.


  1. Cotswold Journal – http://www.cotswoldjournal.co.uk/business/13326151.Horsebox_with_a_kick_is_a_UK_first/


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