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if you’re wondering how much does an HGV driver earn? there is no short answer to this question because the answer very much depends on the level of training you’ve reached, the type of goods you’re transporting, the distances you’ll be travelling, and the area in which you’ll be working.


So, for example, you’ll often find that wages in London are slightly higher than they are elsewhere in the country because the living costs in the capital are higher and wages for all jobs tend to be higher here. But in general, the range of wages you can expect for different HGV driving jobs range from a low of £23,000 to a high of £37,000, with an average of around £30,000.

How much does an HGV driver earn?

What’s more, jobs are constantly available because there is a shortage of HGV drivers at all levels, so you’ll find plenty of work no matter what level of training you reach.  At the lower end of the hourly rate scale, you can get £10 per hour delivering magazines. This requires a Cat C licence, which is the lowest level of HGV training and the basic licence addition that all HGV drivers must get before they can progress to the higher levels. A Cat C licence means you can drive a lorry of up to 32 tonnes in weight. Drivers with a Class 1 licence, also known as a Cat C+E, can drive vehicles of up to 32 tonnes in weight with a trailer which weighs up to 750kg. With this type of licence, you can expect to command, for example, between £10.50 and £15 per hour for delivery logistics.


Class C+E drivers can get £12.50 per hour on average, with the extra loads they can carry meaning their earning power is higher than those with a Cat C alone.  At the very top end of the scale, you will find jobs paying up to £37,000 for experience transporting hazardous goods. The added risk pays financial benefits to the drivers who have the right safety training to handle loads like these.

transporting hazardous goods HGV

As a trainee driver or even a working professional driver, the earning power you can have is completely in your hands. To raise your wage, simply raise your level of training to a higher one which means you can transport more and larger loads. Companies will then pay extra for drivers with the ability to move the level of goods they need.


It’s not only about training and licences, however. You’ll find that having a few years of experience to your name will make you more attractive to employers, meaning your earnings can go up yet again as companies will willingly pay for your added time behind the wheel.


Knowing their goods are in the hands of someone who has been on the road for several years already will make most employers feel very comfortable paying you extra, so to earn the biggest wages of all, you simply need to work responsibly for a little while and you’ll find you can reap financial rewards for your dedication. If you need any information and guidance on HGV training, please feel free to call us, our expert advisors are always happy to help. 🙂


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