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So you’re about to pass your test and get your full HGV licence. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be a little scary. You might have heard a lot about the sheer number of jobs there are available for qualified drivers – and there are certainly more jobs available than there are drivers to take them – but how do you find exactly the right sort of job, in the right area, for you?


What HGVT can do is keep a look out for employers in your area who are hiring, and use our networks and professional relationships to recommend positions to you that we think you might like.


But if you want to look for jobs on your own too, it can be time-consuming to constantly trawl job sites looking for the perfect opportunities.


Here are a few websites you can try when you’re looking for work, and how to use them so they automatically contact you when a job comes up that meets your exact criteria. This will save you many hours of manual searching and will give you instant notifications of new jobs when they become available.


Total Jobs

First you will need to set up an account on TotalJobs as a job seeker. Once you have done this, click on your name on the top right menu and you’ll see a dropdown list of options. One of these options is ‘job alerts’, and this is where you need to go to start setting up your automatic emails.


By clicking on the ‘create email alert’ button you can now customise the job search you want the website to do. This means you can enter the word ‘HGV’ into the keywords field, choose the distance and city you want to search, the type of contract you’d be looking for, and then choose ‘transport/logistics’ from the industry sector dropdown menu.

hgv jobs

You can set up to three separate email alerts for different types of job or different locations, so you’re not just restricted to looking for one specific working arrangement or type of job. Now just sit back and watch your inbox as the website sends all the relevant jobs your way as soon as they come up. You can even select the frequency of the emails you get, and the number of jobs you get sent each time.



To get job email alerts from Indeed, you’ll need to first create an account. Then you can do a very simple search which asks you simply to enter the kind of job you want, and the location you’d like to work in. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a page of results, and on the right-hand side there is a box which says ‘get new jobs for this search by email’, with a field to enter your email address.

You can also narrow down the search criteria by changing and selecting the options down the left-hand side before you finalise the search you want to receive emails about.

hgv jobs indeed


With Monster, you don’t need to create an account first, and you can simply search for your ideal job title and location. Once the results pop up, you can click the button at the top right which says ‘create job alert’ and enter your email address. There is an option to add further filters before you set up the alert by clicking on the ‘filters’ button on the left-hand side at the top.


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