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The HGV theory test can prepare a student driver for many things, but not for being pulled over by police only to find out that two illegal immigrants are riding with you on your trailer axles. That is exactly what happened to an HGV driver on the M1 motorway in Northampton recently. If nothing else, the episode is yet another reminder that there is never a dull day when you are an HGV driver.

As reported by The Telegraph, the HGV in question was travelling along the motorway at approximately 55 mph when the occupants of numerous passing cars noticed one of the illegal immigrants clinging to the trailer’s rear axle. Strangely enough, the immigrant waved at the passenger vehicles as they passed by. A concerned citizen in one of the cars called police using a mobile phone to alert them of the situation.

Police immediately sought out the lorry and pulled it over near Northampton. Both men, who are Albanian, were questioned and subsequently detained for entering the UK illegally. There is no word of the Polish driver being charged in the incident. That is important, given the fact that the law holds drivers accountable insofar as knowing what is happening with their trucks and trailers.

An Ongoing Problem

Experienced HGV drivers know that problems with illegal immigrants are ongoing at the Calais crossing. Immigrants congregate at the crossing by the hundreds, waiting for trucks to stop in queue before climbing on in any way they can. Some attempt to open the rear doors to enter trailers; some will simply ride the rear axle while hanging on for dear life. It is a dangerous exercise that has already resulted in numerous deaths over the years.

According to the law, drivers must make every reasonable effort to prevent such incidents from occurring. However, there is not much a driver can do when stopped in traffic at the Calais crossing. As long as cargo doors are locked and secured and the driver has no knowledge of stowaways hanging on the axles, charges are not likely.

Driving Still a Great Career

Professional driving as an HGV or PCV licence holder is still a great career despite the immigrant problems at Calais. It is a career that offers plenty of job stability along with good pay and the opportunity to be out and about every day. It is an especially good career choice for individuals who are not excited about working in an office or factory all day.

If professional driving interests you, the HGV Training Centre can help. We can prepare you to take your HGV theory test by way of our preparatory classes, followed by practical skills training once you pass the test. If you are serious about learning how to drive commercial vehicles, we can have you trained and ready to look for work in a matter of weeks. All it takes to get started is one phone call to our offices.


  1. The Telegraph – https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/11444988/Illegal-immigrant-waved-at-drivers-on-M1-from-underneath-lorry.html


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