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In the small Cornish town of Treviscoe, HGV traffic is known for causing congestion and making it somewhat dangerous for homeowners and pedestrians. Like many of England’s ancient villages, large vehicles besiege Treviscoe primarily because its road system simply does not have the capacity to handle them. The roads are too narrow and the vehicles too large.

In Treviscoe, the problem looks to be getting worse thanks to plans by a local company to expand their operations. This Is Cornwall says Imerys, a mineral refining company, intends to grow to include sand and gravel exporting and the production of concrete blocks. They said the expansion would require an additional 240 lorries to handle the load.

Imerys does not believe the impact will be as great as villagers fear, citing an improved rail system, which should handle most of the exports. Company officials have also expressed a desire to institute a number of road improvements as well. That does not necessarily sit well with village residents.

Despite the best efforts of HGV driving schools and local ordinances, company drivers still use the village’s main thoroughfare to move to and from some sites. This, despite the fact that a specific road was constructed to alleviate traffic to and from the St Dennis incinerator site. The combination of dustbin lorries, current lorries from Imerys, and increased traffic from the expansion will make life in the village unbearable.

Finding the Balance

One thing Imerys has going in its favour is the fact that the expansion will create roughly 26 jobs. That’s enough to keep local residents and officials interested. However, the company will have to address traffic concerns if they do not want to make enemies in the tiny village.

Unfortunately, these types of scenarios are just part of doing business in England. Many villages like Imerys not only have inadequate road systems for modern lorry traffic, there is no means to improve the roads without destroying the charm and atmosphere these villages possess. It is now a matter of finding that delicate balance.

Train to Drive Lorries

While Imerys and the village of Treviscoe iron out their differences, we would like to invite you to consider training to be an HGV driver with us. The HGV Training Centre is one of the premier HGV driving schools in the UK with more than 45 locations to choose from.

Each of our schools is staffed by the best trainers and support personnel in the business. We make it a point of doing whatever we can to help you through the process, from start to finish. If you would prefer to handle most of it yourself, we can provide you with practical skills training and nothing more. If you need help with everything, including the paperwork for your medical exam, we can provide that as well.

The HGV Training Centre is your partner for individual and fleet training. We even offer training for non-commercial drivers looking to learn how to tow small trailers or caravans.


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