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From April 2014, all lorries weighing 12 tons or more will be paying a new road user levy in order to drive on UK roads. The levy is designed to make sure that every HGV operator, regardless of where in Europe it originates, is helping to pay for the wear and tear their vehicles cause to UK roads. Now the Department for Transport (DfT) is asking for industry input before the levy takes effect.

HGVs registered in the UK will pay the new levy alongside their normal vehicle excise duty. Those registered outside the country will be required to make payment before they can enter the UK. Previous reports indicate the government contractor responsible for collections is developing a computer-based system to track levy payments.

The purpose for the industry input has not been made clear except to say that the DfT is considering secondary legislation it plans to add on top of the original HGV Road User Levy Act of 2013. The consultation period runs until November 7th.

On the face of things, the new levy seems like a fair way to make sure every HGV operator working in the UK contributes to road maintenance and upkeep. Yet until we know the details of the secondary legislation, it is impossible to fully commit to the support of the levy. Industry leaders will have to seriously consider what the secondary legislation entails.

HGV Training

Individuals considering undergoing HGV training in Northumberland, Tayside, or anywhere else in the UK need not worry how the new levy will affect them. It will not; at least not directly. The levy is aimed only at those in the road haulage industry using UK roads to transport cargo.

HGV training will continue uninterrupted as it always has. If the new levy adds to the cost of receiving training, those increases will be minimal.

The HGV Training Centre encourages you to start your training as soon as you can. There is currently a driver shortage across the UK due to a number of factors including driver retirements, a slowly improving economy, and an insufficient number of new drivers to fill open positions.

We offer comprehensive HGV training at more than 45 locations around the country. Each of our training facilities is staffed by professionals who also happen to be the best in the business. We will work with you every step of the way, from your medical exam to your final practical skills test. By the time you finish your training with us you will be more than ready to take a job as a professional HGV driver.

You might also like to know that we offer an up-to-date job database containing information regarding all of the open positions you qualify for. We provide this as a service to our graduates so they can go right from the classroom to the workplace.

Already licensed drivers should consider the HGV Training Centre for their CPC certification. Do not forget that you now have less than a year to complete that training.


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