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A student receiving his HGV training in Bedfordshire recently asked his trainer, “How is my driving?” He was concerned about whether or not he was performing well enough to pass his practical skills test. We hope that that student will continue asking that question throughout his driving career. He may, if the company he eventually works for is insured by Just Fleet.

Just Fleet recently announced that it has teamed up with the road safety scheme known as ‘How’s My Driving?’. All of the companies currently covered by Just Fleet will automatically be pre-qualified to participate in the scheme. ‘How’s My Driving?’ has already proved successful in reducing accidents and the associated costs haulage companies contend with. Just Fleet hopes to reduce its own costs through the scheme as well.

The ‘How’s My Driving?’ scheme is based on two components: driver education and consumer reporting. In the area of driver education, the programme seeks to change the culture of professional driving by helping individuals identify areas of weakness and encouraging them to correct those weaknesses. It has found that it takes only a little bit of gentle encouragement and reminding to make commercial drivers substantially safer.

As for the consumer reporting, vehicles participating in the scheme are fixed with bright, yellow and black stickers providing a vehicle number, website address, and telephone number. Consumers can use the information to report the driving habits of those they have observed. ‘How’s My Driving?’ uses the information from these reports to help individual drivers improve their performance.

When the ‘How’s My Driving?’ scheme is as successful as it can be, haulage and transport companies enjoy a reduction in the number of crashes among their drivers. This translates into lower insurance premiums, fewer vehicle repairs and less legal trouble for both drivers and their employers. Insurance companies obviously benefit by way of fewer and less expensive claims.

Good Driving Requires Good Training

The ‘How’s My Driving?’ scheme is a great tool to help commercial drivers remain safe throughout their careers. However, safe driving begins with the training a driver receives before ever earning his or her licence. From our perspective, good driving requires good training. That is what we provide here at the HGV Training Centre.

Our company offers HGV training in Bedfordshire and throughout the UK at more than 45 facilities. Each of our facilities is staffed by professionals who truly understand what it takes to produce safe, competent, and high-quality commercial drivers. We train individuals to operate lorries, tipper trucks, construction equipment, vans, coaches, buses, and a number of other vehicles. What’s more, our training is always focused on safety first.

To begin your commercial driver training, you need to possess a full car licence and pass a routine medical exam. We will help you prepare for your theory test and, upon passing that test, provide comprehensive practical skills training in anticipation of your final road test. In just a matter of weeks, you could be licenced and looking for work!


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