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An unauthorised caravan encampment was recently established alongside the A253 in Minster, just opposite the Holiday Inn and adjacent to the local airport. It turns out the encampment was made up largely of French gypsies who had been chased away from a similar encampment in Canterbury. Despite objections from locals, the gypsies could not be removed without action from the owner of the private land.

The encampment was apparently voluntarily abandoned last week. However, this is not an isolated incident. Bands of gypsies are known to stop and set up their encampments wherever they can find a piece of private land that is open and accessible. According to advocates, the practice is common because there are a lack of approved facilities in England and Wales.

According to a Gypsy council spokesperson, local councils are required to provide enough authorised parks to accommodate all of the gypsies looking for a place to live. Until that happens, they say they have no other choice but to establish their encampments where they can find suitable space.

In Kent, where Minster is located, the law stipulates that anyone wishing to live in an authorised site must already have been a local resident for at least 12 months. Furthermore, the individual can have no record of criminal convictions for violent offences. The 12-month residency requirement makes it all but impossible for gypsies to use authorised facilities without having to live the illegally somewhere else for a period.

We will have to wait and see what the Kent Council does to rectify the problem in their area. In the meantime, we urge part-time caravanners across the UK to use their vehicles responsibly and legally at all times. That includes obtaining an enhanced licence if your caravan requires it. We offer trailer lessons to anyone who needs to prepare to take the test for an enhanced licence.

What We Teach

Earning an enhanced licence for a caravan only requires trailer lessons followed by the practical skills test at an approved facility. The theory test is not required due to the fact that the car driver already completed that portion prior to earning a full car licence.

At the HGV Training Centre, we provide the trailer lessons that will prepare you for your practical skills test. We teach you the following:

Our trailer lessons are very affordable and accessible. What’s more, our 45+ locations around the UK make training convenient, no matter where you live. Feel free to get in touch with us right away if you need training to prepare you for your caravan test. And remember, annual training is still a good idea even if you do not need an enhanced licence to operate your caravan. You can never go wrong with too much training.


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