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We closed out last week with a blog post talking about a new ‘see-through trailer’ system that Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover are working on. We want to open this week by briefly turning our attention back to trailer towing. We specifically want to answer the question of whether or not trailer-towing training is still necessary now that we are so late in the year. In short, yes.

You may be one of the many consumers across the UK who purchased a caravan for the first time this spring. As a first-time owner, you do not have hundreds of miles under your wheels yet – unless you traversed the country multiple times this past summer. Trailer-towing training is still a good idea for you, especially if you plan to take your caravan out for an autumn trip.

This time of year is especially attractive for training because demand for classes is lower. You will be able to get started much sooner, and you will have the advantage of having more of the instructor’s attention as well. Receiving your training now will prepare you to take to the road next spring when the 2016 caravan season opens.

Experienced Drivers Need Training

Perhaps you are not a new trailer owner; perhaps you are a veteran owner with plenty of time spent towing. We don’t doubt your skills or knowledge, but we do know from experience that even veteran drivers need occasional training from time to time.

Unless you have your trailer on the road every week or so, you are not putting enough miles under your wheels to keep your skills fresh. In addition, if you are the kind of owner who stores the trailer away during the winter months, you could go from November through until the end of March without a single towing experience. The first time you get your trailer back on the road you will have to familiarise yourself all over again. Annual training can help you do that more safely.

Trailer-towing training helps to refresh those critical skills you have already mastered. It brings you up-to-date with any changes in the regulations, and it reminds you of older regulations you may have forgotten over time. Even more importantly, training can make you a much better driver in exchange for a minimal investment of time and money.

What We Do

The HGV Training Centre is known mainly for providing commercial driver training to lorry and bus drivers. However, we also offer trailer-towing training to non-professionals who own caravans and utility trailers. Our training course teaches all of the skills and imparts all the knowledge necessary to pass the B+E licence test – whether or not your tow vehicle and trailer combination requires a special licence. Our training covers the walkaround inspection, safe driving practices, basic hazard avoidance, and manoeuvring and parking.

It is never too late in the year for trailer-towing training. Contact us to learn more about our classes.


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