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A recent incident in Bedfordshire led to substantial injuries suffered by a nine-year-old gelding being transported in a rear-facing horsebox. While all indications suggest that the horse’s owner was transporting the animal properly, the incident is evidence that transporting horses is always risky. One never knows how a horse will react during movement. It is even more reason to learn how to transport horses safely, for both their benefit and yours.

The incident in question took place on 1 September (2015) as the horse’s owner was transporting Twin to see the veterinarian. Both the owner and her passenger were able to keep an eye on the horse thanks to a cab-mounted camera in the trailer. At some point during their journey, the owner suspected something was out of place in the horsebox. She saw Twin reared up in the camera view.

After bringing a vehicle to a stop at the side of the road, the owner went to check on the horse but decided not to open the door for fear the animal would rush out. Instead, she called for help. Police, firefighters, and veterinarians responded to her call within minutes. Twin was eventually sedated before the horsebox was moved further up the road where the group had access to a field. At that point, the horse was removed and taken for treatment by the veterinarians.

The bad news is that Twin suffered a serious fetlock injury that could lead to infection. The good news is that the horse is likely to make a full recovery. As for Twin’s owner, she is now encouraging other horse owners to do all of those little things that make horse transport safe. She is recommending trailer cameras and weave grills that could prevent a horse from jumping over a partition.

We Train Horse Owners

Learning how to transport horses safely is part of our horsebox training at the HGV Training Centre. As experts in all kinds of driver training, we know that carrying horses is especially challenging, even for the most experienced owners. As we mentioned previously, the unpredictable nature of horses is such that one never knows what could happen during any given journey. Driving safely and conscientiously is just one part of mitigating the risks associated with transporting horses.

We offer training for both HGV horseboxes and horsebox trailers. Furthermore, our training is available to everyone, regardless of whether a special B+E licence is required or not. Only certain kinds of professionals need that special licence, by the way. Amateur horse owners and volunteers are eligible to transport horses on the standard class B licence.

Our training is convenient thanks to dozens of locations throughout the UK. If you are interested in learning how to transport horses more safely, we encourage you to contact us for details regarding our training classes and locations. We would love the opportunity to help you be a safer driver.


Horse and Hound – https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/motorway-horsebox-accident-a1-509347


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