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All the corporate driver training in the world can never protect a haulage company from every single accident. We live in a world in which accidents will happen, no matter how many precautions are taken. Knowing that, it is important for fleet managers and company owners to know what to do when an accident occurs.

As recently reported by HGVUK.com, First Legal Support (FLS) reminds fleet managers that legal help is out there. When legal help is sought and proper procedures are followed, haulage companies and other HGV owners can better manage post accident scenarios in order to minimize disruptions to cash flow. Otherwise, companies often have to tie up significant amounts of money to protect against future litigation.

According to First Legal Support, the first thing a company needs to do is establish a specific protocol that fleet managers and drivers will follow in every case. The protocol is focused on gathering accurate information as quickly and efficiently as possible. From the first moment the driver calls in, the fleet manager needs to be on top of the situation.

The fleet manager should attempt to ascertain a number of things during that initial call:

FLS further says that fleet managers need to be prepared to immediately visit the accident scene if conditions warrant. A personal visit gives him or her additional information needed to assess the situation and follow-up according to the law.

Benefits of Corporate Driver Training

It’s probably fair to say that HGV drivers shoulder most of the blame for accidents involving their vehicles, even though it is probably not warranted. At the same time, it cannot be denied that some accidents are caused by driver distractions including mobile phone use, eating and drinking, checking paperwork, or adjusting in-cab equipment. That’s where corporate driver training comes into play.

When a company takes a proactive approach by routinely providing fleet-wide training, they are reducing the likelihood their drivers will be involved in accidents. Regular corporate driver training takes into account the fact that drivers get comfortable and forgetful of the same time. Driver training ensures safety issues and practical skills always remain at the forefront of the minds of drivers.

We are happy to report that the HGV Training Centre offers corporate driver training to some of the UK’s most well-known transport companies. We can help your business as well, regardless of its size and scope. Our training programs are designed to insure your drivers are always doing their best on the road.

We offer training for HGVs, PCVs, delivery vans, horsebox trailers, coaches and buses, and forklift trucks. If anyone in your fleet also needs CPC training before next year’s deadline, we offer that as well. We encourage you to contact us if there is any way we can help improve the driver safety at your company. The sooner we get started, the safer your company will be.


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