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A few weeks ago, we reported on a new G-STEP map program available to LGV drivers making deliveries in Leicester. The program is an updated app for smart phones enabling drivers to easily identify all available routes in and around town in a way that is completely hands-free. The app was developed by the University of Leicester’s G-STEP project.

In a recent interview published In Loughborough, developer Philip Smith said one of the advantages of the new layered program built on Google Earth technology is its potential to save local businesses upwards of £795 million annually. Smith contends that traffic congestion caused by LGVs is hurting businesses by keeping paying customers away.

While it’s true that LGVs and other commercial vehicles add to traffic congestion on city streets, there remains some question as to Mr Smith’s economic analysis. It’s not clear from where the £795 million figure comes from, or if it is even accurate. That remains to be seen.

According to In Loughborough, Smith told them there are currently some 400,000 HGVs and 3 million vans using UK roads now. They account for transporting approximately 139 million tons of cargo around the country. Inevitably, this amount of traffic certainly has an impact on road congestion. Therefore, any tool designed to mitigate that congestion is a good tool to have.

The release of the new G-STEP application has sparked interest from other cities wanting to have maps drawn for their areas. If the app proves successful in Leicester, it seems likely maps for other cities will be included. The only question is whether those maps will be created by the University of Leicester program or by local officials.

Future of Commercial Driving

The impetus for developing the G-STEP app is twofold: current road congestion and the reality that things will only get worse in the future. The haulage industry is an integral part of the European economy – something that’s not going to change. That means the future of commercial driving is bright.

Young people just starting out should look at LGV driving as an excellent career opportunity. It is even a great opportunity for older workers currently disaffected or who may be the victims of redundancy. The great thing is that preparing to take your LGV test is not difficult. With a couple of months of training and a willingness to learn, just about anyone can receive the training necessary to pass the test.

The process begins by taking a routine medical exam and applying for a provisional entitlement. Once approved, the driver can take the 100-question written LGV theory test. A passing grade on that test allows him or her to then begin their practical skills training with a company like the HGV Training Centre.

Our training approach is one that is intense and fast-paced. We believe our approach prepares our drivers to take and pass their tests the first time around. So if you are ready to begin your career as an LGV driver, get in touch with us today.


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