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Professional drivers who took the LGV test prior to the turn of the century would probably not recognise today’s tests. That is because the tests are evolving with the times. This is good, in that the government is doing its best to keep pace with technology and training standards. One of our jobs here at the HGV Training Centre is to monitor changes to the LGV test so that we can adapt our training appropriately.

One example of the changes is evident in the LGV theory test that drivers must take and pass before they can advance to practical skills training. The second part of this test is a hazard perception test that utilises videos playing on a computer with a touchscreen. The technology was cutting edge in its day, but it has now been surpassed with newer technologies that are far superior.

The hazard perception test is now being transitioned away from the older videos in favour of CGI graphics. CGI presentations are more crisp, clear and detailed than their predecessors. Switching to the new technology should improve first-time pass rates – at least on this portion of the test.

Moving on, some of the changes we are now seeing are being observed regionally rather than UK-wide. For example, LGV candidates in Northern Ireland will now have to undergo independent driving as part of their Driving Skills test. This has long been the case in England and Wales, but it is just now being implemented in Northern Ireland.

Independent driving involves operating an LGV on a closed course at the testing facility, without an examiner sitting in the seat next to the driver. This gives the driver an opportunity to demonstrate particular skills while the examiner observes from a distance. It is believed to be a more accurate way to test things such as reversing manoeuvres and hooking trailers.

Our Students Are Always Prepared

Here at the HGV Training Centre, we take changes to the LGV test in our stride. We consider it a challenge to learn about the changes and then adapt our training programmes as needed. In the end, we are committed to making sure our students are always prepared to take and pass their tests at the first attempt.

We utilise a combination of both classroom and hands-on training to teach our students what they need to know. Classroom training focuses on driving theory, regulatory requirements, and the like. Hands-on training put our students in the seat of a late model vehicle so they can practice the skills necessary for safe driving.

The LGV test will undoubtedly continue to evolve as technology moves forward and regulations change. We are glad to say that students taking their training with us have no worries. We will continue to do what we have always done: providing industry-leading training that more than prepares our drivers to be successful. Our students will continue to learn, past the LGV test, and go on to long and rewarding careers.


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