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A minor road in the Liverpool ward of Notty Ash has the unenviable distinction of being among the top 25 minor roads for HGV traffic growth since 2010. Being a provider of HGV training in Merseyside, we are willing to bet that much of the increase is due to property development in the area. As property development occurs, HGV traffic tends to grow through until the completion of those projects.

The Liverpool Echo reports that HGV traffic on Campbell Drive in Notty Ash has increased from just over 40 vehicles per day in 2010 to more than 140 today. That is an increase of more than three times. Residents say they began noticing a larger volume of traffic when developers started constructing a residential site of 500 homes nearby.

Other residents say the Summerhill Park site is not the only explanation for the increase. They also note that Campbell Drive offers a convenient route between the A57 and Queens Drive, encouraging trucks related to the Alder Hey hospital project to use the minor road as well.

There are only 20 other minor roads in Britain of comparable traffic volume that has seen a greater increase in HGV traffic than Campbell Drive. All of the local construction is starting to wear on residents longing for what used to be a much quieter area.

A Necessary Part of the Economy

It is nice to know that the residents in Notty Ash are not up in arms as we have seen in other local areas throughout Britain. While they do not necessarily enjoy the increased HGV traffic, they understand that tipper trucks and other construction vehicles are part of the building process. Traffic will subside once the development is complete.

This reality is something the haulage industry wishes more people understood. It can be maddening at times to hear individuals complain about a housing shortage, only to then turn around and complain about HGV traffic where houses are being built. Part of the price of economic development is increased traffic. That is just reality.

As for us, we view any traffic increase as a good thing. When more HGVs are on the road that means more economic activity is occurring. As the economy expands, so do the transport and haulage industries. With more tipper trucks and articulated lorries feeding the two construction projects in Knotty Ash, more growth and economic activity is also creating more housing.

You Can Join the Industry

What is happening in and around Liverpool is not unique to that part of the country. All across Britain the economy is slowly but surely expanding, adding jobs and increasing the need for transport, haulage and logistics. Anyone in need of a job would do well to look into being part of one of these industries.

The HGV Training Centre offers high-quality HGV training in Merseyside as well as the rest of the UK. Contact us if you are interested in being a professional HGV driver.


Liverpool Echo – https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/hgv-traffic-merseyside-residential-street-9820899


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