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In 2013, Transport for London (TfL) promised to begin cracking down on HGV drivers and operators failing to comply with the law. Now, just a year after TfL put together a dedicated task force to take on the project, more than 3,400 vehicles have been stopped. The agency says they have been more than pleased with the results to date.

The Industrial HGV Task Force has used targeted stops to make sure HGV drivers are in compliance. Among the 3,400+ vehicles targeted in the first year of operation, task force members seized some 41 HGVs for a variety of issues. They have also issued 887 fixed penalty notices and 1,565 roadworthiness prohibitions, according to Commercial Motor.

The task force was initially established to provide a tangible means of improving cyclist safety in the UK capital. Transport for London says they will continue operating indefinitely, in light of the results they have achieved to date. The task force is made up of members of the City of London Police, the Met Police, and the DVSA.

Officials are on the lookout for both drivers and vehicles operating unsafely in London. They could stop an HGV in order to check anything from mechanical safety standards to driver CPC compliance. When they do find a vehicle or driver out of compliance, they are dealing with it right away. Therefore, it behoves drivers and operators to make sure everything is on the straight and narrow before travelling into London.

It’s All about Safety

The Transport for London programme is all about safety. Whether or not you agree the task force and its subsequent crackdown is the right way to achieve safety goals, it is hard to argue with the importance of safety in principle. Every unsafe condition resulting in an accident is one too many. When those accidents involve serious injuries or fatalities, the situation is more pronounced. It is up to all stakeholders to get together and take whatever steps are necessary to improve safety without compromising productivity.

We are doing our part at the HGV Training Centre by providing high-quality driver training that focuses on safety. Not only do we teach drivers how to operate HGVs and PCVs, we also provide ongoing CPC driver certification and fleet training programmes for our corporate customers.

Over the years, we have trained countless drivers to begin their careers as professionals. We have trained them to drive articulated lorries, box trucks, tipper trucks, vans, heavy construction equipment, buses, coaches, and horseboxes. However, that’s not all. We also offer driver training for non-professionals who tow caravans and horsebox trailers. We even offer forklift training and certification.

The HGV Training Centre wants to be the number one choice for all your favourite driver-training needs. We operate more than 45 facilities around the UK for your convenience, staffed by industry professionals. We invite you to contact us today for more information about our driver training programmes.


Commercial Motor – https://www.commercialmotor.com/news/industrial-hgv-task-force-stops-more-than-3-400-vehicles-in-its-first-year


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