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On the morning of November 4, four brand-new luxury coaches will arrive in North Somerset to pick up passengers before heading to a terminus in North Bristol. Each of the 49-seat coaches will feature luxury amenities like free Wi-Fi, power sockets, refreshments, and toilets. And who are the coaches intended for? Professionals who would rather commute using a luxury coach than use their own vehicles.

According to the Weston Mercury, the coach service has been developed through a partnership between the North Somerset Council and The Kings Ferry. More than 400 prospective passengers have already signed up for the service, agreeing to be testers in exchange for free rides until the end of December.

The Kings Ferry will be responsible for running the buses that will provide service to popular employers like Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Royal Mail, and even the Ministry of Defence. The four coaches that roll out each morning will be accompanied by an additional four during the evening rush.

Company officials say a combination of rising petrol costs and the hassles of maintaining one’s own vehicle is causing more professionals to reconsider how they get to and from work. Many are discovering they prefer luxury coach travel. Services like the one set to roll out in November have been popping up all over the UK.

Professionals taking advantage of coaches remark that they find them comfortable, relaxing, and even somewhat inviting. Many use the journey time to get a jump on work or finish a few things on the way home. Others prefer to relax with a beverage and a newspaper. Still others will answer e-mail, spend time on social media, or otherwise connect with family and friends.

A Burgeoning Market

This new burgeoning market of coach travel is offering other benefits as well. For example, it is adding money to the economy and supplying much-needed jobs. Training companies like the HGV Training Centre are scrambling to find candidates looking to complete PCV training to earn their coach licences.

Coach driver training begins with a routine medical exam completed by an NHS or certified private physician. The candidate must then pass a 100-question theory test in order to begin practical skills training. After several weeks of training in the classroom and behind the wheel, the student is ready to take his/her final practical skills test.

The HGV Training Centre provides comprehensive coach driver training at more than 45 facilities around the country. We pride ourselves in fully preparing our students to pass their tests the first time, and we have a track record that proves we get it done. What’s more, our students appreciate the fact that we help them every step of the way.

If you are interested in a career as a coach driver, we urge you to get in touch with us. We can have you trained, licensed, and looking for a job a lot sooner than you think. And who knows? Driving a luxury coach could very well be in your future.


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