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A 30-year-old man may want to take some trailer towing lessons after being arrested by Lincolnshire police late last week. He was found towing a stolen caravan on the A17 near Heckington. According to police reports, authorities were alerted to the theft by an observant bystander who noticed the caravan’s alarm sounding as it travelled down the road.

The Lincolnshire Echo reported that the incident began earlier in the day with police receiving numerous reports of suspicious activity involving a man and a Nissan pickup truck. Near midday, they received a report of a caravan being stolen from a driveway in Fleet Hargate, followed by a secondary report of that caravan travelling along the A17 with its alarm sounding. Police converged on the caravan and forced it off the road before arresting the driver.

After the incident, the police thanked the public for getting involved by reporting their observations. They encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity in their local areas to do the same. A police spokesperson said they are very appreciative of citizen involvement and that they rely on information from the public to help apprehend criminals.

Not a Wise Decision

This story is one of those classic examples of an individual not making the wisest decision when attempting to undertake criminal activity. Not disabling the alarm system led directly to citizens becoming involved and the eventual arrest of the suspect. Although his decision was not wise, it ended up benefiting the victim and the public in the end.

Trailer Towing Lessons

On a lighter note, the HGV Training Centre advocates trailer towing lessons among all UK caravan owners regardless of whether or not a special licence is required. Taking lessons makes one a safer driver to the benefit of everyone on the road. It can also make it much easier for owners to manoeuver their caravans when visiting holiday parks that have a tendency to be tightly packed.

Our towing lessons include teaching students what the law requires of them in terms of vehicle performance, highway safety and driving standards. It also includes practice hooking and unhooking a trailer, backing a caravan into place, and what constitutes a proper safety inspection. Students requiring an enhanced licence for heavier caravans will also be prepared to take their practical skills test.

The HGV Training Centre offers trailer-towing lessons throughout the UK at more than 45 locations. Our training programme is designed to make learning both productive and comfortable so our students pass their tests the very first time. We even go so far as to send a trainer with each student to the test facility in order to answer any last minute questions and help set a student’s mind at ease.

If you plan to tow a caravan this summer, now is the time to sign up for towing lessons. To do so, give us a call on the free phone telephone number provided here on our website.


Lincolnshire Echo – http://www.lincolnshireecho.co.uk/Stolen-caravan-driven-road-alarm-sounding/story-20728639-detail/story.html


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