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Last year a coach company in Berkhamsted decided to cancel two local routes used primarily to shuttle pupils to and from school. A misunderstanding regarding their cancellation has resulted in the company receiving a stern warning from East of England Traffic Commissioner Richard Turffit.

As reported by Hemel Today, Turffit issued the warning to Tates Coaches in response to last year’s incident. It all stemmed from an agreement between the company and the Herts County Council to scrap two daily routes because the number of pupils did not justify the council’s expense.

Tates filed the necessary applications to discontinue service in October of last year, but was ordered to continue the service until late December. Not realising the order carried the force of law the company made other arrangements for the pupils and then discontinued the routes.

After a thorough investigation it was determined Tates Coaches did not intentionally violate the law. Rather, it was a simple misunderstanding. The warning issued by Commissioner Turffit is a reminder of the company’s responsibilities in the future.

A Career as a PCV Driver

Despite this minor misunderstanding, a career as a PCV driver is a great choice for individuals of all ages. Earning a PCV licence in order to drive a coach opens the door to a well-paying career that allows the coach driver to provide a valuable service at either local or national level.

Right now, there is a shortage of licensed coach drivers throughout the UK. Between local carriers and coach operators, companies are having a hard time keeping all of their vehicles on the road. The shortage is due in part to an expanding UK economy that is increasing the demand for coach services, but driver retirements are another factor.

Earning a PCV license starts with a routine medical exam showing that the candidate is healthy enough to perform the job safely. The next step is to apply for a provisional entitlement that enables the driver to undergo his or her practical skills training. From there, the PCV theory test is taken and passed.

The HGV Training Centre offers PCV training for coach drivers. If you have already taken and passed the theory test we can get you started with practical skills training right away. If not, we can help you with your medical paperwork and prepare you for the test. This test is a two-part test consisting of 50 questions each relating to general highway safety, and hazard identification and prevention.

You’ll be happy to know the HGV Training Centre has a 92% first-time pass rate among students taking the PCV theory test. We apply an intense and fast-paced approach to learning; an approach that assures you learn only what’s necessary to pass your test.

If you are ready to get started with a new career as a PCV driver, contact us today. We have more than 45 locations around the country, all staffed with trained professionals dedicated to making sure you’re on the road as quickly as possible.


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