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In order to begin practical skills training to be an HGV driver, students must first take and pass the HGV theory test. The test is a two-part exam consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions designed to test the student’s knowledge of general highway safety and hazard avoidance. While it is not an overly complicated test, there are some people who just do not fare well if they are unable to practice before hand. Thankfully, there are a number of companies offering mock HGV theory tests online.

These mock tests are put together in a way that replicates the real test as closely as possible. Some of the services regularly change up their tests so that students can take several without ever repeating one. The idea is to give students as much exposure as possible to the types of questions they will be asked.

As for the cost of the mock test, that depends on the company you are dealing with. Some offer them free as an enticement to students to buy printed study materials. Others charge for the tests as part of a more comprehensive training programme. Those that do charge offer varying prices depending on what is offered.

If you are thinking of training an HGV driver, we encourage you to prep as much as you can before taking the theory test. Passing it the first time obviously allows you to begin your practical skills training that much more quickly. Retaking the exam means lost time you could have spent training behind the wheel.

We Can Help

The HGV Training Centre is proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial driver training. We can help you prepare for your theory test if you are not comfortable studying on your own. In fact, our drivers have a 92% first-time pass rate.

How do we do it? We apply a fast-paced and focused approach uniquely designed to help you retain only that information you need to know to pass. We do not fill your head with anything unnecessary. We apply the same approach to our practical skills training as well. By the time you finish our classes, you will be fully focused and ready to go.

For more information about training as an HGV driver, you need only contact us. We can get you started as long as you have a full car licence and you can pass a routine medical exam. We will help you get together your paperwork, apply for your provisional entitlement, and then study for the theory test.

If you prefer to prepare for the theory test on your own, you are under no obligation to enrol in one of our classes. Feel free to study, take the mock tests, and sign up for the real thing at the appropriate time. Assuming you pass you can then begin your practical skills training with us. In just a matter of weeks, you could be licenced and ready to book for work as a professional driver.


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