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Late last year the government made it clear that it intended to do something about the number of deadly accidents occurring on the A9 in Scotland. Their first proposal involved installing speed cameras in order to make sure HGV drivers abide by posted speed limits. Drivers, understandably upset by the proposal, claimed the solution was not likely to be effective. They proposed raising the speed limit for HGVs to 50 mph.

Drivers now have the support of Highlands & Islands MSP David Stewart in their push to raise the speed limit. Stewart has become personally involved by lobbying with the A9 HGV campaigners, meeting with Transport Minister Keith Brown and local police, lodging parliamentary questions, and writing letters. Both Stewart and the HGV drivers are now pleased to report the government has agreed to launch a pilot programme later this year.

The pilot programme will temporarily raise the speed limit for HGVs to 50 mph. Officials will wait to see how the increased speed limit will affect safety before deciding whether to make it permanent or not. The haulage and transport industries believe it is only a matter of time before that happens.

As it stands now, HGVs are limited to 40 mph while passenger vehicles can travel at 60 mph in some spots. HGV drivers who violate speed limits could be fined or, in severe cases, even lose their truck licence for a time. Moreover, with the installation of the speed cameras now complete, getting away with speeding is almost impossible.

Drivers contend that the difference in speed limits is the primary cause of many of the deadly crashes on the road. They say that their vehicles cause long lines of traffic resulting in frustrated car drivers who dart out into passing lanes to get around the trucks. The frustration encourages drivers to make poor decisions, which ultimately result in accidents. HGV drivers believe that raising the speed limit will alleviate a lot off the present danger.

Always Be Safe

Regardless of whether or not the pilot programme proves successful, the HGV Training Centre reminds all commercial drivers in the UK to be safe whenever they are on the roads. Your own safety, as well as that of other drivers, is far more important than the cargo you happen to be carrying. Everyone needs to get where they are going in one piece.

The HGV Training Centre is proud to be one of the leading providers of HGV driver training in the UK. We can help you get your truck licence if you are looking to begin a career as a professional driver, or we can provide you with additional training to enhance your skills. We work with both individual drivers and fleet managers all across the UK.

In order to train for your truck licence you need to have a valid car licence and be able to pass a routine medical exam. If you are ready, contact us to get started right away.


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