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An individual wanting to become a commercial driver starts by acquiring an HGV or LGV provisional licence in order to undergo driving training. However, for owners wishing to start a new haulage transport company, things are different. The process for them starts by learning how the law regulates their particular businesses. That was part of the message presented by speakers at a recent industry conference held in Northern Ireland.

The one-day conference featured presentations by Northern Ireland Transport Regulator Donna Knowles and the DVA’s Head of Compliance and Roadside Enforcement, Jeremy Logan. Knowles spoke at great length about the need for operator compliance at every stage of business operation. Ms Knowles said that the government is not interested in severely punishing operators whose non-compliance is the result of ignorance. They would rather educate such operators in order to help bring them into compliance. However, Knowles also said there is a zero-tolerance policy in place for those who wilfully fail to comply with regulations.

Mr Logan addressed the conference on the topic of the roadworthiness of commercial vehicles. He said the DVA has conducted approximately 640 vehicle inspections throughout the last year, resulting in the following:

Logan reminded the assembled crowd of the need for operators to pay attention to things like lights, brakes, and other mechanical problems. It is an operator’s responsibility to ensure the safety of company vehicles before allowing them on the road.

Compliance Not an Option

The overall message of the conference was that non-compliance is not an option among the UK’s haulage and transport operators. It is an important message that the industry needs to be reminded of on a regular basis. Most are in compliance at any given time, but there is always a small handful that needs that regular reminder. As for commercial drivers, they have their own compliance issues to pay attention to.

HGV CAT C Licence

Part of the training we offer here and that HGV Training Centre includes instructing drivers on how to remain in compliance with the law. From the time a student receives his or her LGV provisional licence until he or she completes their training programme, we are constantly reminding about their responsibility to the law and safety. Our goal is to only graduate students who are fully competent in every aspect of safe commercial vehicle operation.

If you are interested in earning your LGV provisional licence in order to begin your class 2 CAT C training as a commercial driver, you could not have picked a better time. Right now, there is a significant driver shortage throughout the UK, meaning there are plenty of jobs from which to choose. If you are ready to begin training, the HGV Training Centre can get you started right away. In just a matter of weeks, we can have you ready to take your practical skills test at an approved facility.

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