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Along with the HGV training we offer, we also train a lot of people to succeed in getting their PCV licence. PCV stands for ‘Passenger Carrying Vehicle’, and this particular licence is the foundation for a whole raft of job prospects you never knew existed. This versatile qualification can open doors into careers you might never have considered when you started looking at driving professionally.

With PCV training, including a bus licence and minibus licence, you can drive a bus, coach or minibus for work, rather than just casually. The standard wage range for a bus driver in the UK can go up to £12 per hour, but there are even more lucrative jobs available if you do something a little more unusual with your licence.

Let’s run through a few of the things you can do for a living once you’ve got your PCV training and licence.


Ambulance Driver

Not only an extremely worthy job, but a very exciting one as well. With the right licence and training, you could soon be saving lives, having learned how to get safely from a hospital to the site of an emergency and back again in minutes. It might seem strange to think of an ambulance as a passenger carrying vehicle, but you’ll be responsible for the safety of others as you navigate the traffic as quickly as possible, so the right training is vital.

With the additional LGV licence you can claim this career for your very own.

School bus driver

With your school bus licence, you could be ferrying children to and from school first thing in a morning and then once again in the afternoon, and your job is done for the day. With a single, clear route and a single kind of passenger, it’s a more straightforward version of the traditional bus driver job.

Driving a school bus can provide regular employment throughout defined months of the year, leaving you free on school holidays if you have children of your own to spend time with.

If you’re thinking about a career as a bus driver of any kind, we offer intensive bus driver training that you might want to take a look at.


Tour Operator

Coach driving comes in many forms, and once you’ve got your coach driving licence, you can find a role in the area you like the best.

When we say tour operator here, we’re being very broad because that can include everything from taking kids of school trips, to taking elderly people on holiday, doing airport transfers, or operating rail replacement services. It can also mean driving for a national or international coach company, with varied routes all over the UK and Europe.

And if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a roadie, getting your coach or bus licence means you’re well on your way to driving bands and artists all over the world for a living, and taking a bit of that exciting lifestyle for yourself. It’s a dream job for many people, and the licence and training is the major step to getting on the books for an agency that does exactly that. Throw in any skill with lifting and carrying heavy equipment, and you’re the perfect member of staff for a travelling artist.


Get your PCV now

If you’re ready to take up PCV training in London, Birmingham or anywhere else around the country, take a look at the courses we offer. You can also check out our Job Finder section where we list PCV-related jobs, as well as HGV jobs in London and elsewhere around the country.


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