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Northern Ireland Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy has announced a freeze on Translink bus and train fares in Northern Ireland for 2014, due to what he called “record levels of passenger growth.” Analysts had predicted a 3% rate increase for 2014 as late as last autumn.

Translink is the public corporation established to operate Northern Ireland public transport and includes Metro, Ulsterbus, and NI Railways. Although this marks the second time the company has frozen fares, they implemented an across-the-board increase of 8% in 2013. That increase has raised speculation that the latest freeze is more political than anything else. Nonetheless, regular passengers are pleased fares will not be going up in the foreseeable future.

In a prepared statement, Kennedy said the fare freeze is evidence that he is making good on his promise to improve public transport in Northern Ireland, while making it an affordable and attractive way to traverse the region. He believes a strong public transport sector is an absolute necessity to maintain a healthy Northern Ireland economy.

Transport for London also noted an increase in passenger growth when they introduced their own fares for 2014. It would seem that all across the UK public transport by bus and train is picking up steam among the general public. More commuters are discovering the benefits of using public transport, including convenience, less expense and less hassle.

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